Samsung BD-C5300 Blu-ray Player + 6 Free Blu-ray Movies!! £129.99 @ Blockbuster.

Samsung BD-C5300 Blu-ray Player + 6 Free Blu-ray Movies!! £129.99 @ Blockbuster.

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First main post, so go easy on me.

Step into the world of true high definition with this fantastic Blu-ray player from Samsung. This is the latest Blu-ray player to feature Samsung's brand new [email protected] platform allowing you to use online services like BBC iPlayer and stream internet video content and services directly to your TV. It's an amazing Blu-ray player - loading discs faster and looking just as good as the more expensive models; it's also a profile 2.0 player, which in layman's terms means that it'll play everything. It's WiFi ready so it'll never go out of date - meaning that you'll get all the latest updates for both the player, and be able to stream additional content for your discs. Like other Blu-ray players, the Samsung BD-C5300 is completely backward compatible with all of your DVD movies, upscaling these into the highest quality possible; and if that wasn't good enough, it also supports DIVX video commonly used on PC / home recording. To kickstart your Blu-ray collection, we are giving you 6 brand new Blu-ray discs that look absolutely amazing and offer something for everyone. These include - Disney Pixar's UP and Toy Story, Universal Pictures' Mamma Mia! and Bruno; and Warner Bros Sweeney Todd and 300. All in all a brilliant Blu-ray player at a brilliant price, now at Blockbuster.

In-store and Online as far as i know (my local was offering these bundles too at exactly the same price).

This seems like an amazing deal to me, although I'm not sure how long it will be around for so grab it while it's hot!


Surprisingly a good selection of Blu Rays unusual for a package bundle, well thought out, seems fairly good value. Really good first main post, have some rep

I have the C5500 (same player, different badge) and it's great. Link it up with a free 2 month Lovefilm account and you get over 3000 films to watch on demand for nowt too :-D

Anyone know are these blu-rays actually in the box or do you have to send off and wait for them and only if stocks last etc etc

pretty sure HMV are doing the exact same deal instore.


pretty sure HMV are doing the exact same deal instore.

I remember seeing a £130 bluray player instore at HMV, but not 6 free blu-rays.


Lots more info … Lots more info here

Not paricularly. =/

The 6 blu-rays are: Up, Toy Story, 300, Sweeney Todd, Mamma Mia and Bruno - may want to put that in your post so people don't have to stare at blockbuster's small image to try and decipher the movie images. :thumbsup:

If that link was from last month, why is there still stock left then? Intriguing.

I wouldn't mind knowing whether these are the 2-disc special editions as well, or the superset edition of Up. Plus it would be nice to know whether they include slipcase covers for them etc, I think I'll have to pay a trip to my local blockbuster!


You also get 5 1/2 price rental vouchers.

Sunny Girl;8657045

You also get 5 1/2 price rental vouchers.

In my box it was one sheet with 10 half price rentals (blu-ray).
Guy in shop couldn't find these so gave me two sheets of 5 (10 in total) of £1 off vouchers, so i got an even better deal. :roll:

Can you use lovefilm app on there machine?
i did all updates and downloaded apps, it says available May but i thought it launched monday.

£114.99 instore yesterday!

This deal is now at Novatech for the same price.
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