Samsung BD-C5300 Blu Ray Player & Disc Bundle - 6 Free Blu Rays! £119.99 at Novatech, Free Delivery

Samsung BD-C5300 Blu Ray Player & Disc Bundle - 6 Free Blu Rays! £119.99 at Novatech, Free Delivery

Found 30th Apr 2010
I suppose I should post this one as well, Currenty out of stock, but more stock due in the 6th of May:

Step into the world of true high definition with this fantastic Blu-ray player from Samsung. This is the latest Blu-ray player to feature Samsung's brand new Internet@TV platform allowing you to use online services like BBC iPlayer and stream internet video content and services directly to your TV. It's an amazing Blu-ray player - loading discs faster and looking just as good as the more expensive models; it's also a profile 2.0 player, which in layman's terms means that it'll play everything. It's WiFi ready so it'll never go out of date - meaning that you'll get all the latest updates for both the player, and be able to stream additional content for your discs. Like other Blu-ray players, the Samsung BD-C5300 is completely backward compatible with all of your DVD movies, upscaling these into the highest quality possible; and if that wasn't good enough, it also supports DIVX video commonly used on PC / home recording.

To kickstart your Blu-ray collection you will also get 6 brand new Blu-ray discs that look absolutely amazing and offer something for everyone. These include - Disney Pixar's UP and Toy Story, Universal Pictures' Mamma Mia! and Bruno; and Warner Bros Sweeney Todd and 300

Samsung's Internet@TV feature sets new standards for connected Blu-ray players. The new Internet@TV platform provides viewers with a gateway to a multitude of entertainment ranging from Video, Music, News and Social Networking. Internet@TV offers a diverse range of online content, simply content you devise to the internet via ethernet cable or wirelessly via Samsung wireless LAN adaptor to access great online services like BBC iPlayer, giving you access to TV, music and much more.

Experience the Pinacle of High Definition Quality
Blu-ray is the only way you can get full HD 1080p images on your new HD TV. Bring your TV to life with a Samsung Blu-ray player. Experience 5x the quality of standard DVD, the Full HD 1080p quality engulfs you with spectacular detail - rich, eye-popping colours and super-sharp, ultra-realistic images that enhance everything on your screen.

Connecting is easy with All Share
Now you can enjoy movies, music and photos from your PC and other mobile devices, right on your Samsung TV screen. With Samsung's Allshare (powered by DLNA) you can wirelessly (Samsung LAN adaptor required) sync your PC and Samsung mobile phone with your Blu-ray player, streaming content and even keeping tabs on who's calling and texting you with real-time monitoring on your screen. Samsung's All Share makes staying connected easy.

Stop Waiting with Ultra Fast Play
At Samsung, we believe there's always room for improvement. We applied this philosophy to reduce the time it takes for a movie to actually start after inserting a disc into a Blu-ray or DVD player. Our Blu-ray players were engineered with Ultra Fast Play to eliminate those annoying load times. It gets you into the entertainment right away. So sitting down to watch your favourite movie no longer entails the drama of slow device booting and clumsy tray openings.

WiFi Ready Connectivity
Wireless access to the infinite possibilities of next generation entertainment is as easy as plugging the Wireless LAN Adaptor** into the back of the BD-C5500. Internet@TV and Allshare content can be accessed without wires, so you don't need position you player in the reach of an ethernet wire to enjoy the additional multimedia features on your Samsung Blu-ray player.

Fewer Distractions, Fuller Screen
To maximise your viewing experience, you need all the picture you can get. With the Screen Fit feature, the Samsung Blu-ray disc player?s automatically converts 21:9 aspect ratio movies to 16:9 aspect, eliminating those annoying black bands crowding the scenes. Watch movies the way they were meant to be seen?with just one touch of the screen fit button.

Expand your multimedia horizons
Samsung's Blu-ray players can handle more than just Blu-ray discs. They will all play standard DVDs, even upscaling them to near full HD quality. Samsung Blu-ray players also allows you to plug in a wide range of digital devices via USB, so whether it's in MP3, DivX, Divx HD, JPEG, JPEG HD, MKV, or AVCHD file formats, you're able to enjoy your favourite files from the comfort of your sofa.

Dolby True HD
Dolby TrueHD delivers high-definition sound that's just as stunning as your TV's HD picture. With advanced, lossless, multi-channel audio codec technology, you'll be immersed in sound that's identical to the studio master recording.

DTS HD Master Stereo
The new standard for Blu-ray lossless audio codec format, DTS-HD Master Audio, delivers positively all of the information from the original master recording. So, what you?re hearing is identical to what the sound engineers originally laid down.

With Divx playback, you can insert DVD's and CD's that have Divx movies downloaded from your computer and watch them on your TV.

Anynet+ is an AV network system to automatically control Samsung audio-video (AV) device. There is no need to use different remote controls for different devices. With Anynet+ feature, all you need is one remote control for simple and convenient experience.
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Again - free delivery option is available
nice one, thanks didn't see that last night...
What Blu-Rays come with it?
Toy Story
Mamma Mia!
Sweeney Todd

Shame I dont need one seems like a good deal!
Thats what I was thinking Gram. I trying to justify it, but my DVD player is okay at the moment. Will this play DVD's too? (Inc HD-DVD's?)
quidco 3% too

Thats what I was thinking Gram. I trying to justify it, but my DVD player … Thats what I was thinking Gram. I trying to justify it, but my DVD player is okay at the moment. Will this play DVD's too? (Inc HD-DVD's?)

This unit should play DVD's fine, although you may need to check for a hack for any region free DVD's. HD-DVD's unfortunately not it, won't be able to play.
I've just worked out that the Bluray bundle roughly comes out at about £70 if you was to buy them all on Amazon. So for an extra £50 your getting a very good Blu-Ray player.
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