Samsung BD-P1580 Blu-Ray Disc Player £69.98 @ Novatech
Samsung BD-P1580 Blu-Ray Disc Player £69.98 @ Novatech

Samsung BD-P1580 Blu-Ray Disc Player £69.98 @ Novatech

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Experience photo-realistic television and crystal clear HD audio with this Blu-ray Disc player from Samsung. Connect it up to an HDTV via HDMI to experience breathtaking audio-visual clarity Blu-ray, high definition movies.

Blu-ray players are the next generation of video technology, offering stunning HD video and detailed HD audio. Movies on Blu-ray Discs contain up to four times the resolution of DVDs for incredible clarity and stunning audio quality. If you have an HDTV, a Blu-ray player is the next logical step to watching movies in all their glory.

This Blu-ray player from Samsung has a collection of clever technologies to make your movie watching experience easier and better. Enjoy watching your Blu-ray Discs in full 1080p resolution, while you can still play your library of older DVDs and CDs as well.

The player keeps cable clutter down with HDMI version 1.3, which lets you connect a single cable to your HDTV.

Samsung's Anynet+ system lets you control all your Samsung HDMI enabled devices (HDTVs, Blu-Ray players) with one single remote - gone are the days of fumbling through several remotes to pause your movie.

For amazing sound, it supports Dolby Digital Plus Audio, and uncompressed PCM audio formats which sound identical to the original studio master tracks.

BD Profile 1.1 lets you continually update your player with the latest features available by simple download - via USB and a PC.

With Free delivery as well:



it's £77.02 incl Delivery, but still very good price. Hot

You have an option for free delivery (3 to 5 working days) and you still pay £69.98

Anyone got any good review links for this player?

they have put the price up since the OP started the thread.It was £69 , now £79

Original Poster

Yeah they did Still a great price though

Sneaky move Novatech! ... buyer may be turned off now, all for the sake of a tenner.

Can use the usb port be used for Movie files or Just firmware updates ?

"Formats played BD-ROM, BD-RE,BD-R,DVD-ROM, DVd-R, DVd-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, JPEG, MPEG, DIVx SD, DivX HD "

says Divx so i'm guessing the usb port can be used for movie files

My old Dvd player supports Divx and XviD but only on disc :whistling:

There's a few user opinions on AVForums that discuss disc playback issues, so if anyone was thinking of blind buying, I'd recommend against it until they've found a reputable review.

After reading the reviews I can see why it is this prices

It's now showing at £80.01

I have this Blu ray player, cost me £95, it is pretty good for the price of it can play full HD and 24 frame rate


It's now showing at £80.01

In a 'Dragons Den' style ... 'I'm out' ... :roll:


In a 'Dragons Den' style ... 'I'm out' ... :roll:

If it was £69.99 then I would be more interested...

Darn. At £69 I wouldn't bought it without a 2nd though.

Christ my BD-P1500 is older than this and it cost me £160 a year ago! I'd go for this. The BD-P1500 is brilliant. One little fault I think though is disc loading time. Way too long. The wait is worth it though, it really is. Smashing price for a BD player

I have the 1600 of this and it's the best blu ray player I have had , I have had the sony that is going about and and lg and this knocks the socks off them.

If a firmware upgrade can be done on this like the 1600 then it will do mkv and mp4 and give you youtube aswell, it will even let you stick a 2tb hard drive in tne usb on the front or back and use it as a media player.

The start up on it is faster than the others aswell on alot of disks aswell, picture is better on it than the sony aswel and i've tryed it on more than 1 tv aswell the lg is about the same as the sony.

If it can be upgraded to to what the 1600 can do then it's a very good buy, if it can't then it's still a good buy as it will do what some of the other players can't.


Not a good price you buy it on amazon … Not a good price you buy it on amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-BD-P1580-Blu-Ray-Player-Black/dp/B002TLT93C/ref=pd_rhf_shvl_3/277-2277404-4602724

For £10 more on amazon



I work at Novatech, the pricing has been rectifyed and is now back at the original £69.98 Inc Vat



In a 'Dragons Den' style ... 'I'm out' ... :roll:

In a 'Dragons Den' style ... 'I'm in' ... :-D

Me Too.

edit: just seen mine is dispatched

Amy can you confirm whether this is BD Profile 1.1 as on your website or 2.0 as on amazon?

Gutted at this price only bought it a couple of weeks ago


Gutted at this price only bought it a couple of weeks ago

can it play mkv files via usb?

I haven't actually tried lol

I used PayPal and now my order is
Order on Hold'
... whats the big deal with PayPal orders, will I still get my goods?


I used PayPal and now my order is 'STATUS Order on Hold' ... whats … I used PayPal and now my order is 'STATUS Order on Hold' ... whats the big deal with PayPal orders, will I still get my goods?

Mine went through okay by PayPal. :thinking:


Mine went through okay by PayPal. :thinking:

But what is the status of your order, when you 'track it'?

I got a dispatch email and to check tracking after 10pm when it's updated.

always found sony players to be reliable......my sony 350 has been faultless, whereas my sharp one from makro wasnt so good with some disks - sold it on ebay at a small profit after 3 months very light use...will get a newer sony when i have a chance

Available again - Unexpired

Direct link added to OP

So tempted by this but some of the stuff about it dying is putting me off.

Got this for £99 in package deal when i bought my tv and it is first class.

Does make a bit of noise when loading discs, and a little slow in browsing some of the Blu ray features on some discs, but for this price it's a must!

HOT! It's also a lot slimmer than it looks in the pic.

Anyone know if the blue ray 2.0 is installed? or if it has built in memory? I don't fancy having a dongle sticking out of the front all the time containing my firmware updates.

i can let you know later today... (i hope) my tracking says in progress

It's not on the samsung site. Must be a old model so if any problems with it. Would it be replaced with the new model? the 1600.

47 in stock - this needs to be unexpired.
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