SAMSUNG BDP1500 BLACK - £109.99 or £131.90 With a 5 year Warranty @ Richer Sounds

SAMSUNG BDP1500 BLACK - £109.99 or £131.90 With a 5 year Warranty @ Richer Sounds

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Found 25th Apr 2009
Very stylish and a sleek looking design.

Seemed cheap enough to post, good luck guys if you needing a good quality Samsung blu ray drive for a cheap price! Look no further. Also get some nice headphones chucked in for free.

All heat/rep is much appreciated.


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Anyone know if this plays PS3AVCHDs?

My friends won't play back a AVCHD disc I brought round to his, so I would guess not, but 1 disc is not concrete proof.
Anyway my mini review:

Looks pretty good if a little plain.
Outputs a very stable image no flikering or deinterlacing problems.
Image quality is good, but not great, but certainly far better than anything else at this price.
Is blue ray live compatible (you do have to install a couple of firmware updates for this)
Menus are in HD and look pretty good.

Remote is an odd shape and many buttons feel misplaced
Is very slow to start up a disc, can take over a min
Sound through hdmi, seems a little lacking, which is odd as it is digital so shouldn't be affected, but plugging it directly into a receiver instead of hdmi>tv>receiver makes it sound alot better, again as it is digital it shouldn't affect quality, but it never happened with my friends hd-dvd player, and his xbox sounds the same either way.

For just over £100, I will add heat for this, it is a very good buy considering that br players were hundreds not too long ago.
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