Samsung blue box day  - heads up. 1st October

Samsung blue box day - heads up. 1st October



This will be smoking hot !!!

Note 7
I've heard takeover rumours about Samsung so it may be worth waiting to see what happens:…bid
Explosive deals guaranteed
Maybe numpties can buy legit chargers and avoid explosions.
Stuck this in the mobiles section, but it's also tv's and home appliances.

Here's the blurb till some prices appear.

he Samsung Shop Blue Box is coming back with gusto. There are sure to be great deals and discounts on this page soon. The countdown for the new next blue box day is on. You can expect offers on Samsung TVs, deals on mobiles, discounts on home appliances, the blue box event is not to be missed.
Do we have any actual prices? Cause my experience of the official Samsung store is that it's over priced and sales they have tend bring their prices in line with 'normal' pricing of other places...
I'm not surprised they are feeling blue at Samsung after recent events.
rubbish deals
Couldn't see any fire extinguishers.

Love the way they describe £26 off a £650 washing machine as a 'great deal' - Yeah right, I can do u a good deal on a bridge!

The previous deal did well as there was some good offers, this one shouldn't even be allowed to be classed said deal lol
Latest products nowhere to be seen!
What a load of poo. Nothing on wearable and only 2/3 mobiles that and the rest only a marginal discount.
I thought this would go smoking hot but it's stone blue box cold as no Note 7.
All charged up and raring to go, almost exploded with excitement. Now my enthusiasm bubble has popped, what a poor show.
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Not a single fridge freezer in the offer. Thanks for posting tho!
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lol. clearing the warrhouse
crap deals. the samsung gear 2 has been 249.99 all week. today its 279.99

what the hell??
same as the s6edge. 629? lol the s7 edge is only 639
Assuming we get a blue box day for the s8 on march 1st on previous deals can you send the phone to a different address to your credit check. Am planning a holiday away and this hinges on it
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