Samsung Chromebook 3G (Titan Silver) £349.99 @ Amazon

Samsung Chromebook 3G (Titan Silver) £349.99 @ Amazon

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Found 2nd Dec 2011
This is the cheapest the 3G Chromebook has been so far I believe. Amazon have just dropped the price from £393.59. Not a huge saving I know but if you've been waiting for it to drop below the £350 mark like I have, then now is the time to buy.
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Is it free 3G like the Kindle?
Worth tuppence ....
I know someone that has just bought a Chromebook and completely regrets it. Basically it's a netbook, but costs more and has no real OS, just Chrome. I can't understand the point in it at all.

You always have to be connected to the internet to start the computer. Only 16gb hard drive space, cant really install any softwares on it and so on. You could buy an AMD E450 Windows 7 netbook at this price and itll do much more than this piece of junk.
So. This is not a tablet or a laptop....hmmmm.
It feels like Google have done this to be different\progressive but unfortunalty they are trying to create a product for a market which doesn't really exist.
And if I'm travelling on the train or am in the country(side) then often don't have an internet connection, so this is just something else to carry.

Want to work. Get a laptop.
Want to play. Get a tablet.

Both options offer much more flexibility for the same\lower price.
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This is not worth the reduce price tag, let alone the RRP. Limited use/flexibility. Cold for me on price.
Getin' chilly 'ere
Chrome OS pffffff
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