Samsung CLP-300N Colour Laser (ethernet network and USB 2) 119.98 @ ebuyer
Samsung CLP-300N Colour Laser (ethernet network and USB 2) 119.98 @ ebuyer

Samsung CLP-300N Colour Laser (ethernet network and USB 2) 119.98 @ ebuyer

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This is the networkable ethernet and USB2 connected model, now £119.98 inc VAT (and free delivery if you opt for the Super Saver delivery) quickfind code: 120362

Also the Rainbow Kits C/M/Y/K are on the site on offer at the moment for £49.66 inc VAT quickfind code: 122530

This is well cheap for the network version, been looking at the normal CLP-300 for a while but needed the network version and Ebuyer now have it listed as cheaper than they have the regular model (quickfind code: 120363)

Ordered one before they push the price back up.


Does it come with toner?

From one of the questions on the site:

Can anyone tell me if this product comes complete with toners or do you … Can anyone tell me if this product comes complete with toners or do you have to buy some before using ThanksComes complete with all toners, the only thing it doesnt come with is a cable......regards.

be aware that the toners it comes with will only be half full (if that).

still a bargain tho!

I got the usb only version of this a few months ago for £99.99 delivered. It came with Red, Blue, Cyan and Black part filled toners ( 75% of of normal I think it was ).

Having a laser saves having to replace dried up ink jet cartridges that have not been used for a while.

Also had in the box a coupon for 1 year on-site warranty.

75% of normal is good.
A mono laser usually has a 1500page fill as opposed to a 4000 for a new toner.

Good news is its Samsung so refill of tonners is a possibility

oh yes it is, i use [url]www.consumablecafe.co.uk[/url] for mine (i have a mono 2010)

edit: consumablecafe.co.uk/cgi…576

Just went to buy some ink as I have the non network version and its back up to £90.02!

I just bought the official laser printer toner from Samsung. Cost a mere £60 for a few thousand prints.

I have the non-networked version of this, and think it's great, much faster and better quality than the much more expensive colour lasers at work.

I had the non network version and took it back because i needed network so i've been waiting for it to come down. cheapest i found was £140 @ PCWorld Business so thanks a lot. just ordered mine.:thumbsup:

Just ordered one myself -

Thanks, Great spot.

It;s a great printer for the money - nothing touches it. Just watch the running costs. The rainbow kit at £50 is good going - would be interested to see if it stays at that price for long.

Brilliant printer - I bought one a few months ago at a slightly higher price (but I had an extra 3 year warranty deal with the printer which kinda offset the slightly higher costs!)

It isn't full duplex but the printer driver setup is SO easy you can print double sided with no umming and ahhing over which way round sheets should go and without even having to step back to the computer doing the printouts - as soon as one side has printed you simply take the sheets out and place them back in the tray the same orientation they were printed off - then press the single button on top to get the printer to print the other side.

Network setup is great. Compatible with XP, Linux and Mac without issue.

Colour output is great - to test I printed a large 8 Megapixel picture taken from a Canon 350D at highest quality - the print was good enough to frame (which I did ;))

So what're you waiting for? Might just buy the consumables if they're still £50

stupid question, but can u use photo gloss paper in laser printers ?

no photo gloss paper smears the toner, does not work.

nice bargain, my samsung ML1210 is still going strong (mono laser). I recently bought my first 3rd party toner for £20 after 2 toner refills in about 5 years! :O

ebuyer have put the price of the toners up by £10.33 overnight!! Still a great price, but would have been a real bargain at £49.66.

just one question does it do borderless printing?

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Hi piggsy

As far as I can tell it doesn't do borderless printing. Toners are in stock at £59.99 now. I've received my toner pack and just waiting for the printer to get delivered.

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Wahey its arrived! Need to build an extension on the back of the house to put it in, though I expect it is "small" for a colour laser. Very pleased, alot of printer for me money. :-)

Just remember with this printer the imaging unit is only good for 5000 colour pages. (its a 20k imaging unit but because of the way the printer works, each colour is actually a page count. so 4 colours = 4pgs towards the 20k). Dont print colour unless you need to!!

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The spec on ebuyer states the imaging unit at approx. 20k black or 12.5k colour pages. So a few more colour pages in the page count. :-) Very pleased with it so far, everyone in the house can print now and no more clogged up inkjets!

So it does. Im not sure how they reach this conclusion but looks like its supported alot. I've certainly never obtained more than approx 7500 from an imaging unit over about 5 printers at my workplace.

Definitely agree as compared to inkjets.

Ordered last Wednesday and it arrived today via CitiLink.
I have not set it up yet - will post when I do.

Hi Guys,
Has any1 used the burn method to pour toner into the cartridges? Does it work and how good is this method?
Thans guys


Just went to buy some ink as I have the non network version and its back … Just went to buy some ink as I have the non network version and its back up to £90.02!

where are you buying it from?

I heard that the Imaging unit alone is about £99. Why the hell would i wanna buy a new imaging unit for that price if the whole printer costs £110? :):roll::thumbsup:

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Looking inside the printer it looks like the Imaging Unit pretty much IS the printer, the majority of the inside of the machine slots out to be replaced.

Yes pretty much. Better for the environment if you dont Plus the only bonus with a new printer would be some half filled cartridges!

Hopefully with the amount being sold, the imaging unit might come down later this year?

Just ordered one and an extra tonner. Current Samsung ml 1510 been going strong for 4 years I have had 2 refills out of the tonner but getting the dark smearing down the centre. Good time to go colour I reckon...

Just ordered one of these from Dabs for £159.63...


Comes with a free Rainbow Toner, free delivery (until 9am Monday) and 3% quidco

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