Samsung Compact Flash (CF) Plus Memory Card - 8GB - 35MB/s (233x) £13.99 @ 7dayshop
Samsung Compact Flash (CF) Plus Memory Card - 8GB - 35MB/s (233x) £13.99 @ 7dayshop

Samsung Compact Flash (CF) Plus Memory Card - 8GB - 35MB/s (233x) £13.99 @ 7dayshop

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Just bought a Canon 7D, looking for a cf card with some speed to it.

This is dirt cheap for a 35mb/s card!!

DSLR cameras, which offer a great way to express yourself and record moments, have now become even more reliable with the SAMSUNG CF Plus Card.

- Fast Speed - 35MB/s write speed, 45MB/s read speed
- 10 Year Warranty
- Magnet Proof & Shock Proof

The SAMSUNG CF Plus Card is perfect
Photo resolutions continue to grow in the quest for better picture quality. The RAW format, which is more generous for more detailed retouches, is now popular among DSLR users. In this regard, a large capacity and high speed are the major success factors for DSLR memories. That is why the SAMSUNG CF Plus Card uses SLC technology.

Safe from external impact and internal damage!
Unlike devotees of compact digital cameras, DSLR users who handle high-resolution files tend to carry extra CF cards on shoots. The problem is, this sort of mobility immediately exposes the little CF cards to potential damage. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about that with the SAMSUNG CF Plus Card. Say you tucked the CF card in your back pocket and then – egad – sat on it. No problem! The card, made to bear the average weight of an adult, can take it.

Sturdy and sophisticated design
High performance expressed via design – that’s the SAMSUNG CF Plus Card. Graced with a unique design focused on modernity and simplicity, the SAMSUNG CF Plus Card clearly differentiates itself from colorful products in the market. Made of SUS (stainless steel) that boasts a metallic look, the SAMSUNG CF Plus Card is the portrait of sturdiness and high performance, assuring premium quality.

Save and Erase 100000 times
Fill the SAMSUNG CF Plus Card with data, and then erase. Fill and erase more than 100000 times. This will neither harm nor compromise the card. Just how much can it take? Let’s just say you could fill and erase your card of data 4 times a day for more than the average human life expectancy of 70 years.

Safe amid X-rays and magnets
A must-have for any trip is a camera or, for the more tech-savvy among us, a DSLR camera. Travelers commonly worry about their CF cards sustaining damage in airport X-ray scanners. The good news is, the SAMSUNG CF Plus Card will not be damaged by everyday magnetic exposure or voltages.

SLC technology
SLC (Single Level Cell), which records data in a binary format, is dramatically faster than MLC (Multi Level Cell), which saves 2 bits (00, 01, 10 or 11) of data in a single cell.

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have a 4gb one in the 40D , an extremely robust and fast card.
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