Samsung D600e - 12 Months Free Line Rental on a 12 Month Contract
Samsung D600e - 12 Months Free Line Rental on a 12 Month Contract

Samsung D600e - 12 Months Free Line Rental on a 12 Month Contract

Limited offer! The Samsung D600e is now 12 Months free on the Canary 40 tariff from Orange which is a 12 Month tariff.

It includes 330 anynetwork anytime minutes and 100 texts. This is the first time i have seen this mobile on such a great tariff with so many minutes.


Not a company I'd go for due to a non-existent level of feedback but everyone starts somewhere.

Don't forget the £33 via QuidCo.

Quite a redemption policy too

Redemption Policy and Procedure

MobileClub7 runs promotional offers and partner deals at various periods during the year.

If you have taken the advantage of any promotional offer we request that you follow the procedure detailed below, to ensure that you receive your benefits on time.

(a) In order to register your eligibility and claim the promotional/ redemption offer, we request you to

1. Kindly sign and return the acknowledgement.

2. Provide us a proof of your address and a proof of your identity from the list of acceptable evidences enclosed.

3. Provide us with a self addressed stamped return envelope.

4. A full copy of your Welcome/ Subscription letter.

5. Copies of network bills as specified in your Welcome / Subscription letter.

6. It is suggested that your claim is sent by recorded delivery to ensure its safe receipt.

(b) Kindly send all of the above to the Redemption department at Unit 21, Park Royal Metro Centre, Britannia Way, London NW10 7PA for Three network and for T-Mobile and Orange Unit 1, Barbican Close, Barbican Industrial Estate, Barnstaple, EX32 9HE.
(The documents should be received at the above-mentioned address within 30 days from the date of the first month’s paid bill.)

(c) On receipt at our office, your claim will be processed and you would be provided with the authorization letter and relevant promotional information within the next 21 days.

(d) We advise you to retain copies of the original bills (if any), which you send to us, since due to large numbers of such invoices received, we cannot guarantee its safe return.

(e) MobileClub7 advises all customers not to send the original documents, whose copies are required as identity and address proofs. We cannot guarantee safe return of such documents.

(f) Please note that non-receipt of the acknowledgement by MobileClub7 within the specified days as indicated on the acknowledgement letter renders you ineligible for claims on promotions offered by us. In such case, your claim would have lapsed.
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