Samsung D830 - Refurb £31.49 - UNLOCKED!
Samsung D830 - Refurb £31.49 - UNLOCKED!

Samsung D830 - Refurb £31.49 - UNLOCKED!

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Really thin cheap clamshell

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Quidco does not work on OrangeAccessories.............please edit the OP

What's this phone like?

Is this locked to Orange and if so, how easy is it to unlock?

hi right wer do i start about this one, firstly it is a good looking phone it will turn heads as it looks very slick however that is about all its good for, the buttons couldnt be harder to press, they are not quite buttons yet not touchpad texting is an absolute nightmare with this. For photos of any quality you have to be in very bright daylight (the only good photos i ever took were on holiday in the 40 degrees miday heat, as in the sun was very bright) the other thing is that you will not be able to open photos sent to you which are any thing more than 2megapixel. so if u only use your phone for calling and not even texting it is a good looking phone, but if you like a phone with lots of gadgets this is not for you.

BTW ive had this phone for nearly a year

wow rge ultra slim 9.9, was a slim clamshel back in the day


memory card is not available with this … memory card is not available with this phone...http://www.orangeaccessories.co.uk/reconditioned_mobile_phone/all.html?txtsrc=freemem&pc=5

Odd, its got the 'free card' flash on the picture of the item but it you add it to your basket... no card gets added with it.

I'd try ordering one, take a screen shot and when/if it doesn't come with one, call them up and have a go at them...

Is there a link to the actual phone?

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Anyone knowthe current unlocking situation reguards to this?
Can it be done with a data cable, £5 down the market, It's old so surely must be broken by now?

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The one I just got was anyway, no free memory card though.
Unlocked saves me loads of hassle though.

Unlocked and unbranded confirmed.

Also missing "free" mem card (have emailed customer support) and (strangely) the Orange SIM (not that I would use it!)

*sigh* 2 weeks on and no answer to my email.

I've tried phoning them 3 times but after 5+ minutes of ringing there is no answer there either.

Anyone managed to get in contact with them?
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