Samsung D900 (Refurb) - Term cost of £69.90 or less on Orange at OSPS!! As little as £33.40!!
Samsung D900 (Refurb) - Term cost of £69.90 or less on Orange at OSPS!! As little as £33.40!!

Samsung D900 (Refurb) - Term cost of £69.90 or less on Orange at OSPS!! As little as £33.40!!

Buy forBuy forBuy for£33.40
GETGet dealVisit site and get deal
**HURRY!! At this price it won't last long!! It didn't last time!!**

***The down side about this offer is that the handset is clearance and *might* not include all of the extra accessories (if applicable). It's a good offer though because it's at OneStopPhoneShop, a Carphone Warehouse company, and their cashback is pretty reliable.***

OneStopPhoneShop have a refurbished Samsung D900 with 10 months line rental charged at just £0.99 on a 12 month contract (after cashback). So, for £69.90 (after cashback), you get the refurbished Samung D900 (for FREE!!), 12 months line rental (after which you can cancel), 200 x-net minutes per month, 75 text messages every month and 50 Orange2Orange off-peak minutes every month too on Orange's "Canary 30" tariff!!

The Samsung D900 slider phone has a 3 megapixel camera with high resolution video recording in CIF format. It has 80 MB of internal memory with the ability to upgrade using a microSD card. The D900 weighs just 93g and as well as it's excellent camera features it also has a large display, TV out, a MP3/WMA music player, USB, Bluetooth, email and a document viewer for reading Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files. The 3.15 megapixel camera is capable of taking photos at a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels and recording video at a resolution of 352x288 pixels.

This offer works by cashback which you claim from OneStopPhoneShop at specified intervals. If you wish you can purchase via QuidCo.com who will give you £36.50 in extra cashback, meaning that you can bring the minimum term cost down to just £33.40!! Remember to cancel itemised billing if you don't want it as Orange charge £1.50 per month for this service. Remember to cancel the insurance if you don't want it as it's quite expensive. As usual, send claims recorded/special delivery as soon as you get the bill and you'll be fine.


Original Poster

This deal is back!! It only lasted a few hours last time so hurry!!

The deal is actually even sweeter this time!! An extra £10 off and an extra £16.50 QuidCo cashback!! Enjoy!! :thumbsup:


Thanks ducky

Yeah thanks Ducky just ordered it another fine deal you have provided :>)

Original Poster

:-D Glad you got an order in, hopefully they'll have plenty of stock this time.

I'm not sure how long it lasted last time they ran this but it wasn't long. This is one of those "buy now, think later" offers I refer to. :lol:

hehe i got mine from e2save

looked brand new but camera dont work freezes and says preview error

any help?

Original Poster

Have you got in touch with e2save??

yeah they gonna call me to return it, just gotta wait for the call

but if i can fix it would be better

hassle of sending it back and waiting for another!!!!!

but great bargains!


Original Poster

Thanks. If there's anything wrong with a phone when you get it then the best thing to do is get it replaced. Fixing it yourself may just lead to further complications if it were to go wrong again in a couple of months.


hehe yeah wise words from the mobilehunter!!!

i shall do that

so if mine was clearance maybe they will exchange for brand new 1!!!!!:thumbsup:

good luck hope you do get a new one :>) positive rep left for you as well Duck

Hi Muffin,
E2Save replaced my chocolate clearance phone with a brand new without me even asking, hope they do the same deal for you.

sounds encouraging!!!

ill update my progress on here!:thumbsup:

Great Deal - Grab them while you can!!

Has anybody had any success in getting their cashback from OSPS?
Their reputation doesn't seem too good:



Has anybody had any success in getting their cashback from OSPS?Their … Has anybody had any success in getting their cashback from OSPS?Their reputation doesn't seem too good:]http://www.consumerdeals.co.uk/onestopphoneshop.html

Never had a problem with cashback, think above site is old as they are now part of Carphone Warehouse.

I was wondering if someone could answer a question about the d900 phone. Can you save pictures to the memory card or is it only to the phone?

[SIZE=2]u can save pictures to memory card:) [/SIZE]


when people ordered this clearance/refurb phone, how long did it take to arrive?

did you all get the usual next day delivery service?

if you didn't then how long did you have to wait for?



can anyone help with the above question?



morning,can anyone help with the above question?thanks,

You get it asap if it is in stock,as mine came the very next day after i ordered it.The only downside of ordering a clearance phone is you might not get all the accessories but mine came with everything and was unlocked so cant complain:thumbsup:

Hi, sorry to be abit off topic but ive got a contract with e2save and its with the network o2, How do you check how much remaining balance you have left on the account? any help will be much appreciated, thanks
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