Samsung digital photo printer SPP 2020 £5.00

Samsung digital photo printer SPP 2020 £5.00

Found 4th Apr 2008
Found a great little deal in tesco's in-store dont know if they are available elsewhere in the country. I found a samsung digital photo printer 2020 for £5.00

amsung Digital Photo Printer SPP-2020

* Direct phto prints from PictBridge supported cameras, camera phones, digital camcorders.
* High Speed data communication thru USB 2.0 from PC
* Up to 60 seconds high speed printing in 4x6" Photo
* Bluetooth Option

Minimum system requirements

* Windows 98/ME: Pentium2 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 500 MB HD, IE 5.5
* Windows 2000/XP: Pentium3 1 GHz, 128 MB Ram, 1GB HD, IE 5.5
* Mac OS 10.3: PowerPC G3/G4/G5, 128 MB RAM, 200 MB HD
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Its in store Golo83 so its firmly whilst stocks last.
anyone know how to check stock of a local store?

anyone know how to check stock of a local store?

help yourself to a CS till and ask for stock update.
These are around 35 on eBay... Nice find
£5 are you joshing?
cheep, with a big BUT ink and special photo paper sell around £35.00…tml

which brings the cost of using it queit high i would say. :x

£5 are you joshing?


I have tried it out and it works like a chart took me 10 mins to set up and looked for cartridges on ebay under a tenner . Also works with non samsung paper with no problems .
What store was this at Damster, and does anyone know if its country-wide?
It was the Swansea Marina Branch Mark
I have had the printer for about 2 years and it is very good quality I'd say - it is a dye sublimation printer and whilst the media (paper and ink ribbon) are not the cheapest the quality of pictures is virtually indistinguishable from pictures you get from, say, photobox. I use mine occasionally to make a print for a family member (being a non-inkjet printer, you can leave it months unused and the ribbon wont dry out like it would on a standard inkjet).

Mine came with a samsung bluetooth USb module which plugged into the printer, and allows remote bluetooth printing to the printer, from a mobile phone.

Highly recommended at this price!
I bought one of these off ebay last years for my brothers birthday - was about £24 and he loved it more than the other £100 of stuff I bough him. Nice quality prints he tells me but it uses a ribbon and it costs more to replace than it does to buy a new one..... just buy 5 of them - problem solved!
Agreed. At £5 you may as well buy the lot up, even if it only has a starter ribbon.

Hot, anyway. Well done, you.
none in tesco,costorphine edinburgh
still a hot deal though if you can find one
on average, how many pictures can a ribbon (not starter ribbon) print?
got one of theses printers couple years ago, the pics are good for family albums and that...

on average, how many pictures can a ribbon (not starter ribbon) print?

The ribbon is actually a cartridge that contains the paper and print film/ribbon. A bit like those used in Polaroid cameras.

The prints are good quality but expensive, working out around 30p to 40p a print. You have to buy the makers own brand but this is most likely a Sagem badged as Samsung. Aldi sell similar ones.

Of the dye sublimation photo printers, Canon has the cheapest refills £9.99 for 30 sheets.
thanks scattycat.
did anyone manage to find one?
none in my local store....
Forget the printer. Embrace that compost, bredren!

(Can anyone claim to have resisted the temptation to read the rest of the receipt?)
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