Samsung DVD-F1080 Upscaling (720p / 1080i / 1080p) DVD Player - £46.99 Delivered

Samsung DVD-F1080 Upscaling (720p / 1080i / 1080p) DVD Player - £46.99 Delivered

Found 31st Oct 2008
Afternoon all!

I spent a chunk of time last week looking around at various upscaling players and this seemed to get reasonable reviews and has the added benefit of being a neat and tidy size. At £40 + £6.99 for delivery (AFAIK collection is available if you are local to them which would make this £40), this seems to be an excellent price.

Although I went for a Panasonic recorder in the end, I ordered one of these for a friend and it arrived two days later.




Got this exact dvd player free recently with the purchase of selected t.v.s at Crampton & Moore.
Just to mention it is also DIVX. Which is a great feature, easy to watch online footage without the need to convert to dvd format.
Just remember it is only HDMI so you will need the HDMI cable

Got one of these, really good. Nice price added heat and rep

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Thanks guys; I will try to remember to include more specification information the next time I post a deal - "Mental Not Made!"

Cheers again,


I have one of these, all good

i got one of these free with my TV, it lasted two months before deciding it wasnt going to read discs anymore, didnt bother complaining as it was a freebie. It was good while it lasted but i wouldnt get another one

I got one of these free with my TV as well. Looks nice but has a quite cheap feel to it, plus an annoying beep. For those wondering if the player is multi region hackable see this here.…tml

N.B. Mine could not be hacked.

N.N.B. For me the remote was too fiddly to use.
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