Samsung DVD-R149 DVD Recorder/Player - £52.88 delivered @ Scan
Samsung DVD-R149 DVD Recorder/Player - £52.88 delivered @ Scan

Samsung DVD-R149 DVD Recorder/Player - £52.88 delivered @ Scan

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Will come up at the reduced price when added to basket.




remember to add something for at least 5+ vat ...

Hot plain and simple :thumbsup:

HOT, great DVD recorder!

Good price if it actually works ok. I had 2 of the Samsung DVDR 150 and they were both a nighmare. Freezing, not recording properly.
Also remember that there is no Freeview on this model.

Does anyone know if these plays Divx. Doesn't say so on the website?

Not sure how you are getting the £52.88 price but I've just checked the site and its currently:

£65.32 Ex VAT
£76.75 Inc VAT


OK, think you should have mentioned this is a Today Only deal, and only comes up at that price once put in the basket.

Wish Scan would amend the prices when they do these types of things.

price up to £76 now


price up to £76 now

try adding to basket, should come up at lower price. Is also £59.99 at Laskys

Doesent appear to have divx.

Colour BLACK SILVER Dimensions Height=5.0cm Depth=24.0cm Width=43.0cm Manufacturer Warranty Standard 1 Year Warranty 18 / 1.3 :in use/powered-down power consumption Our technical lab measurement in Watts of energy consumption of TVs, both in use and on standby. Based on European standard EN62087:2003 using manufacturer standard settings. Analogue tuner: incompatible with digital channels If your DVD recorder only has an analogue tuner then you wil l not be able to receive TV programmes after the digital swi tchover. Be prepared for digital - ask in store for more inf ormation on your digital switchover options. DVD-RAM recording format DVD-RAM is a rewritable format which is designed for data intensive,high performance applications.This system will enable you to play DVD-RAM discs which enable you to, among other things, pause while you play and record. DVD-R recording format Can record DVDs in DVD-R format DVD-RW recording format Can record DVDs in DVD-RW format CD compatible playback Enables the playback of CDs on your DVD player CD-R compatible playback Allows the playback of recordable CDs CD-RW compatible playback Enables the playback of re-writable CDs DVD-RAM Compatible Playback DVD-RAM Compatible Playback DVD-R compatible playback Enables you to playback DVDs recorded in DVD-R format DVD-RW compatible playback Plays once recordable disc format. MP3 playback Allows you to play MP3 tracks burnt onto a CD from a computer. Jpeg image playback compatible Allows you to view jpeg photo images (e.g. taken on a digital camera) stored on a CD-R or CD-RW. Progressive scan Scans individual picture lines in sequence rather than alternately, maximising the clarity of digital images from DVD and enhancing NTSC software playback. 2 Scart socket(s) For easy connection of the DVD player to a TV Remote control Enables you to operate your equipment from a remote handset Front & rear audio and video inputs . Supports interactive disc features Allows access to the following features found on most DVD discs: multiple languages, multiple camera angles, subtitles in different languages and also bonus material such as deleted scenes, alternative endings, behind the scenes documentaries, trailers and cast and crew infomation among others Menu/screensaver On screen menu with screensaver option to prevent static images "burning" into the TV screen - especially on rear projection sets. PAL/NTSC playback (region 2 only) Allows playback of both PAL and NTSC DVD discs but will only play region 2 coded discs. Therefore the only NTSC disc that can be played have to be non-region coded. Optical connection To get Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS from a DVD player you need to connect it to a surround sound amplifier or TV with an optical or coaxial digital audio lead. 1 RGB enabled scart socket(s) These scart sockets can accept picture signals in high quality RGB format. Connecting a compatible DVD player or digital box/adapter via these sockets will therefore result in a better picture quality. These scart sockets are included in the total number of scart sockets listed above. Still/slow/search playback For perfect stills, slow motion playback or fast search playback. 24 bit video D/A converter On DVD discs, pictures are encoded using MPEG-2 technology in 8 bit resolution. This converts MPEG2 8-bit resolution to a higher bit rate to reduce obvious signs of digitizing, rendering the film closer to the original movie master. Dolby Digital Dolby Digital brings the cinema experience to the home, delivering up to 5.1 discrete channels of surround sound.

Checked now and after adding to basket shows >> £52.88 !!

excellent hot, good deal thanks

this records TV onto DVDs? i don't really see why you'd want to do that.. surely much easier to use a hard drive recorder and if needed archive to DVD? only use I can see is if you share over-the-air recordings a lot.?

great price shame about no DIVX still voted hot

can you use this dvd recorder to copy from virgin v+ box to a dvd?



Wish Scan would amend the prices when they do these types of things.

I would imagine this is so people can see how much they've ssaved - in this case quite a bit...
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