Samsung DVD SH895 - DVD recorder / HDD recorder with digital TV tuner £140 delivered @ Dell

Samsung DVD SH895 - DVD recorder / HDD recorder with digital TV tuner £140 delivered @ Dell

Found 15th Oct 2009
# Max Resolution : 576I / 576P / 720P / 1080I / 1080P
# Playback Formats : MPEG2 / MPEG4 / DIVX (DIVX 3.1 ~ DIVX 6) / audio CD / JPEG
# Playback Media : DVD-video / DVD-RAM / DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD+R / DVD+RW / HDD
# Digital Tuner : DVB-T
# HDD : 250GB


I know it's only one review -but if true it looks like a machine to avoid…895

Looks like a very good price - and with 250Gb AND USB.

As long as it plays DivX from USB and not just Jpegs & Mp3's.

I recently bought one of these from amazon for £166 so good price at £140 and Quidco?
To be honest not spenta llot of time reading the instructions and have failed miserably at timer record and reading the review on Reevoo now think know why !!
Will have a go now recording and then switching unit off and see what happens.
Machine looks good but seems noisy when doing nothing- looked good when i went to see it in beyond televison warehouse and was being pushed by the guy there as state of the art.
Noticed in Costco yeaterday that they were £ 175 inc vat so heat to the Dell offer

Parents just bought one from Costco the other day, they'll be gutted if I tell 'em this price.

Set it up last night and can comment as follows:-

Seems ok and I like the fact that it has a USB port and plays DIVX. Picture quality was also quite good from the upscaled HDMI out port.

OK now for the bad, sorry I mean very ugly:-

Do a (timer) record and it stamps the description details ONLY with the channel, date and time. Now the analouge Panasonic that this replaced labelled all recordings with the program name(much more meaningful when you're looking for something to watch).

This Samsung COULD potentially do that feature from the EPG, but heaven only knows why Samsung never incorporated such a basic requirement!. Sure you can go in later and edit the title to reflect what the program was ACTUALLY called, but for me this is such a BASIC fundamental oversight from Samsung. 250Gb (which relates to hundreds of programmes) with a description of a date, channel and time is meaningless!!! Come on Samsung, this just is not good enough.

Yeah sure different make / models all have different features but to me this is not a nice to have but more of a necessity from a PVR.
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