SAMSUNG DVD-V6800 DVD/DivX/VHS Player/Recorder Combo £53.29 @ Pixmania
SAMSUNG DVD-V6800 DVD/DivX/VHS Player/Recorder Combo £53.29 @ Pixmania

SAMSUNG DVD-V6800 DVD/DivX/VHS Player/Recorder Combo £53.29 @ Pixmania

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We were looking for a DVD VHS player for my daughter, people sell cheap brands for £70 plus but managed to find this and they have stock. Dixons have one for £50 but they never have stock. As far as I know this is the cheapest brand new one you will fine.

Get more off if you use the vouchers.

Great for the kids rooms to save space.


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Why vote cold, its a deal !!


Why vote cold, its a deal !!

see bellow....I asked the very same question


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Cheers. I got two of them, quick delivery, good company as far as I can see. Guess you just can't please some people.

probably if its from pixmania....you will have loads of problems....

I agree its a good deal, its just the rep of pixmania that people dont like I guess. oh well as I said in myt deal if it helps at least one person its a good deal in my eyes

Whats wrong with them?
I had a DVD player delivered yesterday and no problems at all apart from not having a 3 pin plug attached but it did have a converter in the Phillips box.

does this record to dvd ?
pixmani imply it does "The Samsung DVD-V6800 not only plays DVDs; it also plays VHS tapes. It records to both formats too"
But it doesnt say that any where else ?

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No I know you can play DVD and record to VHS but I dont thnik it is recordable DVD, Bit of a poor write up really. Best to check out the specs on Amazon, this is a great price though and they are brand new.

Just checked the Samsung site. No DVD recording. Too expensive as a DVD player but if you still need VHS maybe O.K. The problem with Pixmania is that they are french and manuals and plugs aren't always english and for UK use. But they give two years warranty (as it's the Law in the rest of the EU) and they also sell to EU prices which are usually cheaper than UK prices, so you need to way up if this is important to you.

Ordered the same thing today from 247electrical,

54 pound + 3 % quidco = 52.86
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