SAMSUNG DVD-V6800 DVD/DivX/VHS Player/Recorder Combo  in Black - £55 Delivered!

SAMSUNG DVD-V6800 DVD/DivX/VHS Player/Recorder Combo in Black - £55 Delivered!

Found 5th Jun 2008
Was perusing for a cheap DVD/Video Combo and stumbled across this little beaut!

The Samsung DVD-V6800 not only plays DVDs; it also plays VHS tapes. It records to both formats too, so you can watch a film on a VHS tape while recording your favourite TV programme onto a DVD. The DVD-V6800 can also transfer films from DVDs to VHS tapes, and it's compatible with Dolby Digital, DTS and PCM. It?s even equipped with a full set of connectors, allowing you to get the best out of your favourite films and TV programmes.

Technical Details
Compact twin format player for space saving benfits and the ability to play VHS tapes and DVD from one machine , so your back catalogue of VHS tapes can still be enjoyed
Playback formats VHS , DVD , DVD-R , DVD-RW , DVD+R , DVD+RW , MP3 , WMA , JPEG , DIVX (MPEG4)
10 bit video processing 54MHz and 24 bit audio processing 96KHz
Features Dobly Digital , moving zoom , super scan playback x2x8x32x128 , EZ view , Instant replay and skip , Child lock

There isn't a picture on the Digital Direct website but if you type in the make and model in Google you will be able to see it online somewhere
Only my 3rd ever posting so be gentle!
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i'll say hot cos it seems a good price - but it also seems very, erm, 20th century!
Sounds interesting. Anyone ever used the store?
It's a DVD player not recorder, unless i'm missing something.

:?According to ]Pixmania and the ]FlatTv Company it records to DVD-R as … :?According to ]Pixmania and the ]FlatTv Company it records to DVD-R as well but ]Lasky's and ]John Lewis don't mention it, they just say it plays DVDs…800

Thanks :thumbsup:, it only plays DVDs, pity I was going to get my parents one of these
Yeah, shame as Samsung 6head VCR's used to be excellent. Perfect pause the lot.... Would be good paired with a DVD Recorder.
It might be 20th Century but who else has parents that struggle to work a VCR, nevermind a DVD player! LOL.
My 90 yr old grandad got a free DVD player as part of his TV deal and I found him resting his cup of tea on the ejected disc tray! LMFAO
As it doent record DVDs, can someone change the Original Post?
I'm waiting for the Toshiba RDXV48. It will cost about three times as much as this but will record on VHS+DVD+hard disk and allows copies between of uncopywrited material. Also dual tuner (ana and digi) and HDMI. Should be around this month.
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