Samsung E1120 including £60 airtime credit (over 6 months) £24.99 @ Play

Samsung E1120 including £60 airtime credit (over 6 months) £24.99 @ Play

Found 18th Feb 2010
sorry if it is a repost I did look and didn't find anything.

Bit of a no brainer really especially if it's for your teenager taking it to school (even though they probably wouldn't be seen dead with this handset).

You pay £24.99 and over the next 6 months you get £10 credit each month (totalling £60) there doesn't seem to be a catch, obviously the phone is pants and you can get it cheaper elsewhere but you a quids up with this deal. Personally I think it's a great deal but that's just me.

Terms And Conditions:

£60 top up credit delivered over first 6 months of connection at £10 per month.
Top up credit only valid with the phone (IMEI) provided as part of the 'Fully Loaded' offer.
The first 'Fully Loaded' top up is redeemable at point of first activation via or calling 0845 880 1234.
Subsequent five 'Fully Loaded' top up credits available from the same day of each calendar month as official Orange network connection. Customer will receive a reminder text message each month when top up is available with a unique authorisation code (example SMS below).
Authentication code and mobile number required for subsequent 'Fully Loaded' top ups redeemed via web or call centre as above.
'Fully Loaded' top up credit will be applied on verification of code, normally within the hour but may take up to 24 hours during busy periods.
Authorisation codes must be redeemed within 28 days of issue. Date and time of code expiry will be included in the text alert


So if i dont use the £10 they give me, i will lose it after 28days?

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I believe you have to redeem it within 28 days, not use it up. Credit on the orange network doesn't actually expire however they do deactivate the SIM if there has been no activity (incoming or outgoing) on it for 6 months. I mean it's not ideal but you're getting a phone and you are £35.01 up. like I said in the post above it's ideal for the kids.

This is sold by the Play marketplace, and not by Play themselves. I believe such deals are not allowed.
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