Samsung E2121 including £10 topup, possible £6.50 Quidco/TCB cashback @ P4U

Samsung E2121 including £10 topup, possible £6.50 Quidco/TCB cashback @ P4U

Found 11th Feb 2011
Robust budget phone with bluetooth, VGA camera, FM radio with internal aerial, MP3 player with microSD slot, GPRS internet & 10.5hr talk time/ 37.8 days standby... all networks... prob unlocked (?)

cannot find a budget phone with similar feature set for less... if u do, pls post.
gets decent CNET reviews


Great little phone, battery lasts over a week! When I had it I was constantly using it!

Not sure what all the colds are for. It has a lot more features than the ultra basic phones that normally get such high praise here.

Had one of these for a year now, great reception and text is great. Built in games, jewel game which is just so addictive. Loads of alarms, chimes, radio, mp3 player. Dropped it on the floor a few times and still going strong! Great price,great phone. Heat added.

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cant figure out why cold...
perfect spare phone. beats all sub-£20 phones i've seen... will be taking on holiday.

Good price for a competant "back-up" phone or one for the kids.
In my experience, though, Phones4u handsets are locked. Even better if you're lucky and it's unlocked.
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