Samsung E900 - 12 months Free rental (12m contract) + £35 Quidco profit!
Samsung E900 - 12 months Free rental (12m contract) + £35 Quidco profit!

Samsung E900 - 12 months Free rental (12m contract) + £35 Quidco profit!

Samsung E900 - 12 months Free rental (12m contract) + £35 Quidco profit!

The SGH-E900 comes decked out with a 2 Megapixel camera so that you can snap away when unexpected moments pop up. Using a CMOS image sensor, comparable to most dedicated digital cameras, the SGH-E900 takes brilliant JPEG photos. Flash and 4x digital zoom ensures that your pictures will come out looking great. There is even a small mirror by the camera lens, to ensure that all your self-portraits will be perfectly framed and in the shot. Enjoy accurate and vibrant colors as you capture the world around you with your camera phone. Take as many photographs as you want. With 80 MB of built-in memory and additional storage via Micro SD, you can click away and store all your photos on your phone. Use MMS, USB, and Bluetooth to share your photos with others, or print out your photos easily via Bluetooth?s wireless printer.

One glance at the SGH-E900 and you know you are dealing with an innovative and cutting edge mobile phone. The front face of the phone is a sleek surface with a touch-sensitive control pad. The futuristic touch screen is a stroke of genius, eliminating the need for excessive protruding buttons, and allowing the mobile phone to have a glossy and polished surface. Enjoy the phone?s multi features; with just a few taps of the finger, maneuvering through the SGH-E900?s menus and features is a breeze.

The SGH-E900 has a futuristic look with a design of sophisticated simplicity. Its refined two-tone color in black and slate gives it a sleek look, inviting you to caress the glass-like touchscreen keypad where excessive buttons are eliminated for a minimalist design. This slider phone weighs only 93 grams and measures a mere 93x45x16.5 mm, giving it a slim and compact form that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand when you need it, and slips comfortably into your pocket when you don?t. Slide up the phone to reveal perfectly flush buttons with a larger surface area for a great one-handed digital dexterity. The slim casing and ergonomic slide-up design place the buttons, which have a good solid click to them, right under your fingertips. The SGH-E900 houses all you need in a fashionable exterior, that is designed to look good and perform even better.

Samsung E900 is available for 12 months Free on 12 month contract @ CoolNewMobile. Tariff is Vodafone Vodafone Anytime 500 & 250 SMS including 500 Cross Network Minutes & 250 texts/ month. Go via Quidco for £35 cashback which is a profit!

Cashback : £420.00 cashback, to be claimed in 5 stages. Very reliable cashback from CoolNewMobile. You need to send 'original' airtime bills within 30 days (by recorded delivery). You will get an email confirmation when the claim is received and another one when the claim is successful.
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