Samsung E900 Clearance Total cost =£60  or with Quidco= £23.50

Samsung E900 Clearance Total cost =£60 or with Quidco= £23.50

Found 6th Oct 2006
The Sleek Samsung E900 clearance for only £60 for the whole year including line rental and minutes,or just £23.50 if you go through Quidco

Phone description: Experience the Samsung E900 with its attractive black finish. It has a high-quality sliding mechanism with an impressive ultra slim casing. As soon as you touch the E900, you will be fascinated by the smoothness with which it opens. This means you can phone people without delay. The slim 93 x 45 x 16.5mm dimensions of the large, brilliant 240 x 320-pixel LCD colour display for quality pictures and the 80 MB memory space also make this an outstanding phone. With a 2-megapixel digital camera with flash the E900 truely stands out from the crowd!


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What happened there:giggle:
Anyway here is the breakdown of cost

12 months rental @ 30.00 = £360.00
10 months free(cashback) = -£300.00
Total = £60.00
Quidco = -£36.50
Total = £23.50 :thumbsup:

Not sure whats happened to the link in the op?!

The direct link is [COLOR=#84b800]…php?&B[0][next][0]=&B[0][tariff]=P30CC&B[0][handsetcode]=ORAE900CLE&B[0][giftcode]=F12MF&B[0][network]=orange[/COLOR]

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Here is the original link,still dont know what happened with the op link…p;B[0][next][0]=&B[0][tariff]=P30CC&B[0][handsetcode]=ORAE900CLE&B[0][giftcode]=F12MF&B[0][network]=orange

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The link works from the deals page but for some weird reason :thinking: the link here is home page link :thinking: :-(

Fixed now & added a pic as well

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Thanx Edi :thumbsup:
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