Samsung E900 on PAYG £99.99 - £20 trade in off RRP & Free Bluetooth headset rrp £29.99 (in-store)
Samsung E900 on PAYG £99.99 - £20 trade in off RRP & Free Bluetooth headset rrp £29.99 (in-store)

Samsung E900 on PAYG £99.99 - £20 trade in off RRP & Free Bluetooth headset rrp £29.99 (in-store)

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At o2 stores you can pick up a Samsung E900 on PAYG for £99.99 not a great offer....BUT if you trade in any old handset you get £20 off that making the phone £79.99 bit better....THEN you get a FREE o2 Blue bluetooth headset thrown in for free which sells separatley for £29.99 (headset comes with home,car and usb charger) which you can probably sell on.

Also if you have been an existing o2 customer for at least 6 months you have the chance of getting some further money off the phone when you give them your mobile number to check for any existing bonus.

I did it earlier today for a customer and the grand total he paid for phone was £22.60 factoring in his prepay bonus he had accumulated.


Nice find, even if you can't manage the trade in because the Bluetooth headset really is worth it!

Although the price is £79.99 also @ The Link, Free BT is a ++++

Thanks amino

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if your already on o2 though you can get further money off by checking your number instore, 9/10 you will at the very least get an extra £5 off unless you recently claimed it. :thumbsup:

and the phone is pretty **** TBH. Only worthwhile if you are looking to get a bluetooth headset and ditch the phone and I'm sure there are offers to get cheap headsets elsewhere.

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I dont personally think much of the phone BUT for someone who really wants it this is a pretty decent price with a free headset too

amino- can it be any phone you use as a trade in. I have an old samsung phone and a trium which are both from the days when colour screens werent around. would o2 accept these as trade ins?

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they most certainly can be, we generally take anything as long as it switches on

Will this phone be unlocked to all networks ?

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no it wont be

i bought this phone recently from 02 total price after trade in £75.00

anyway it has four networks settings
+ 2 others (can't recall)
any how
i have tried my wifes T-mobile sim and after changing the network to T-mobile hey-presto phone worked with that sim card
then changed it back to my 02 sim card no problems

Hope this helps

My local O2 store isn't running this 'offer'.
The trade-in part yes but not the headset part.

Perhaps it's not running everywhere.

Hey Amino,
I went to my local 02 store they will have the phone in stock but there is no free bluetooth? is the bluetooth something that not all staff know about or how do i need to ask about it?
reply would be much appreciated

It is easily unlocked with a software download, search otherthreads here to find out how. I got the virgin deal via the link and it had no branding either.

Good deal, however, as others, I've heard bad things with regards to the controls on the handset, they're touch sensitive, but only they aren't very sensitive!
Found this from a quick google search

Reviewed by Ben from UK on 9th Jul 2006
Very slick, lightweight, feels good, great screen... BUT, as others have mentioned, the touch-sensitive buttons are a functional nightmare. It is all too easy to hit the 'cancel/back' button by mistake, as your thumb needs to reach across it to access other buttons. Will take it back today and exchange it for something without 'a TOUCH of the future'. Design innovation replacing practicality.

Hope this helps!:thumbsup:

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they should be and i think its printed in the catalogues, they are supposed to be given away with "o2 blue headsets with toy" but these are out of stock now so we give them away with normal "o2 blue" headsets which are the black ones, it also prompts on the till to give them so they are trying to pull a fast one. all offers run at every o2 store in the UK.

Thanks Amino,
Told my local store about this, the guy looked on screen ( or pretended to look) and said the "gift bluetooth" is out of stock and tough luck and he would not give an alternative bluetooth set!!!
any suggestions Amino?

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those are sold out in most places but most if not all stores are giving the regular o2 blue headsets beause they are EXACTLY the same headset as the ones that were being given away, just that they were acompanied by a toy.

Tell them that your friend got one and that he got a regular o2 blue headset as the alternative as the others were sold out but are exactly the same thing, failing that ask them to ask the manager which also tends to work sometimes, failing that come and see me lol
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