Samsung ES15 Digital Camera Black (10.2 MP, 3x Optical Zoom, 2.5" LCD) - £59.99 delivered @ Amazon !

Samsung ES15 Digital Camera Black (10.2 MP, 3x Optical Zoom, 2.5" LCD) - £59.99 delivered @ Amazon !

Found 6th Jul 2009
£74.99 @ Comet
£75.65 @ Laskys

10 megapixels
3X Optical Zoom Lens
2.5" LCD
Digital Image Stabilization
High Sensitivity ISO 1600
Face Detection
Beauty Shot
Auto Contrast Balance
Red-eye Fix
Self Portrait
Photo Help Guide & Function Description
[email protected] Movie Recording / MJPEG Format
Multi Slide Show
AA Battery
Dimensions: 94.1 x 62.7 x 25.2 mm

Face Detection: Clever technology that optimises focus and brightness of up to nine faces, for stunning portraits and group shots

Digital Image Stabilisation: gives you sharper images, even when shooting without flash in low light conditions through reducing blur from handshake

Beauty Shot: this function uses face detection technology to retouch the facial skin to appear brighter and to give the impression of a smoother skin tone. This can be done either while shooting or during playback

Photo Help Guide: If a problem is encountered during shooting, troubleshooting instructions are provided so that image correction can be easily performed by anybody. Step-by-step instructions with simple illustration on use of the camera are provided through the LCD for your convenience

Function Description: Helping you see clearly, the Function Description gives you quick, clear descriptions of each icon and function on the camera. So whether you're a novice or an advanced user, the Function Description will ensure that you'll make the most of the camera's amazing capabilities without leaving you in the dark


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Also note that Morrisons are doing an 11MP camera for £60. Made by GE (General Electric). It performed well over the weekend.

I need to by my mum a digital camera for her birthday, she doesnt want anything fancy, its her first one, she isnt into technology, she wont use it much, etc. I was looking to spend about £50 max, will I get anything better than this?

I doubt it.

Price has gone up, to £68.99 delivered.
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