Samsung ES15 Digital Camera - White (10MP, 3x Optical Zoom) 2.5 inch LCD £39.99 delivered @ Amazon

Samsung ES15 Digital Camera - White (10MP, 3x Optical Zoom) 2.5 inch LCD £39.99 delivered @ Amazon

Found 19th Apr 2010Made hot 19th Apr 2010
For anyone who missed this camera when it was on offer at the same price last month from Asda.

Good camera, excellent price.

Also available at the same price in pink - if that's your thing....


Great price for a decent camera to carry around in your pocket! Hot!

Going to order the pink one:thumbsup:

Ive got a very similar samsung camera, but it pees me off when they force you to use a custom usb lead. Does anyone know if this uses a standard usb lead or propriety?

ive got this camera wouldnt recommend anyone to buy it, every so often the pictures start turning out blury then few days later it will be fine again. the zoom lense on the front jammed on mine atfer 8 months so weve had to send it back to samsung to see if they can repair it

Ordered as a gift for a friend....thanks OP

This is just as good as my Sony cybershot 10.1, bought it as a gift for the wife but I use it more than her as it does not matter if I lose it at this price.

Nice little camera this. Bought a black one for my mum last xmas and paid £60 :-(.

poor camera...good price.

You pay your (little) money to take your chance.

I bought this when it was going cheap at Asda. I used it regular and have not had any problems with it. It is an 'okay' camera (not the best I have ever had) but not a bad camera for the money .. I wouldn't pay any more than this price though. My only other thing that I need to mention, it that it gets through batteries like there is no tomorrow.


poor camera...good price.You pay your (little) money to take your chance.

I do a lot of photography in my job and this camera is excellent, it is as good as camera's I have owned costing 5 times this price.....If you know how to use it for best results it is a little gem, problem is most people do not know how to get the best out of their cameras.

This is going to get very hot.

I managed to get it for £36.99 at CDiscount by code stacking (ages ago), it's definitely worth the money.

Seems a good price.
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Looks good .... thank you ... voted hot ..

Will try and get one tomorrow !!

Great price!

Good price, thanks! but I'm taking a wide berth due to bad reviews.. grrr ;-)
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