Samsung ES8000 55"

Samsung ES8000 55"

Found 26th Dec 2012
JL will and have pricematched this deal! :-)

An exceptional quality TV.

John Lewis have (to the annoyance of one particular hot dealer :-) Price matched Electro centre as they are on line and in store dealer.

As far as i'm aware this is the cheapest it's been.
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Very good deal, not sure why people voting cold.

Seems be happening a lot in the last few months, average deals get voted scorching hot and some legit deals get voted cold without explanation. Maybe a lot of new people joined in the last year!
On the price match form did you fill in as online or in store also they charge extra for the warranty ?
Seems like a lot of tv
Not sure why cold vote... it was HOT at 1775 and 1799 so if my maths is right 1659 is cheaper :-)

Price match was in store, however JL include the warranty in the price as standard. Did it a few years ago also when i bought my Pioneer plasma from them.
Stil waiting for JL to price match after submitting the form online this morning. On two previous occasion JL have priced match Electro centre on this model without any issues. Price has been falling over the last few months..
Cheapest price seems to be hovering around £1639-1659, just waiting for the next drop, hoping it'll go sub £1600
Anyone had JL price match yet? Think I will take the plunge if they do, not sure it will come down much more than this until the new models come out.

Submitted a price match claim yesterday but not had a reply yet.
Gone back up to £1699

*Edit - Now £1659, can't keep track of how often the price changes on this
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Been waitng 2 days for JL to price match but no news yet. Ready to make the plunge....
JL price matched me today at £1699 bah ! have asked them to do it again......
Price is £1698 now, is it worth it to save a quid? Lol
Just gone into my local JL and bought at the price matched amount £1698, picking it up tomorrow as they had none in stock
Couple of days back I got JL to price match it at £1628 against a price on Electro Centre.

Need to buy now in the next 28 days.
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