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Posted 1 September 2022

Samsung EVO Plus 128GB microSDXC card - £5.40 New User Bonus @ Samsung Orient Store AliExpress

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The deal price is a new user bonus.
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    Anyone who buys this needs their head read. It is almost certain to be counterfeit.
    Not everything is counterfeit on AE. People have bought genuine NVidia GPU from there for dirt cheap prices
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    For me it says £11.32 + VAT
    Same here £11.32 + VAT or £11.90 + VAT (including the USB thumb drive). Might be cheaper on the mobile, will check and confirm later.
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    AliExpress is the Wild West. You roll the dice with most purchases.
    I've bought hundreds of items on the site and 95 percent of the time it's fine. When it's not?
    Take the hit.
    For example I assume they don't weed out faulty items through QC as manufacturers do here and refunds are rare. It's pot luck.
    Fakery, and consumer rights are also not really issues which are addressed in China.
    I've nabbed really good cards from unfamiliar brands with Ali at great prices, and got stung on others which were rubbish and kept giving me errors before ending up in the bin.
    Personally I now generally go with Netac or DSP cards when they're on offer.
    Superb value, and I've have had no issues with these brands via Amazon.
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    What’s the bets or fake
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    AliExpress had a very dubious take on pricing. I often get emails from them about a product being available at a attractive price. But when you click the link, that price _doesn't exist._
    It even happens with items in their listings.
    …If you can't guess, the deal price doesn't exist for me either.
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    New user bonus only:
    48140268-ydhCU.jpg (edited)
    Thanks a bunch for the screenshot which includes that the price is for New Users. I shall now include this in the title and thanks also to @Tommles for adding information to the main description
    EDIT : New Users but please be aware! Spend £5.40 and be prepared for your daily dose of emails from AliExpress, no doubt some with very good offers. (edited)
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    You can get the 64GB for £1.08
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    Expire please.
    Price not applicable
    Sorry! Price for New Users.
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    There are both positive and negative reviews about genuine and fake cards. Playing lottery for a small prize. Cold.
    OK, people may buy a scratch card at home (edited)
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    That is without even ordering! C(ry)mao probably comes later. HUKD is such great fun and that's my last comment for this deal. Best spend time for finding better deals for good folk
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    How can you get this for £5.40, OP?
    Would've nabbed one just to check.
    HUKD mods have approved this for submission as a deal. Not everything is a fake at AliExpress. Anyway I realise that times are hard but £5.40 is not a King's ransom. You take your chance. Fun is in the ordering, eagerly waiting for delivery and checking like you say. (edited)
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    Thanks and taken the risk. Bought one for fun.
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    That is really cheap for a Samshong Mummery Crad!
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    Do not buy this. Not official distributor of Samsung Group. It's s just a private company selling with shady business practices made to look legit. Avoid imo
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    Nowhere is it £5.40
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    Probably fake from china
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    last time i mentioned i had a bridge for sale it got deleted
    Bridge to Nowhere?
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    scamexpress here we come
    HUKD say the site this month is legit so we must listen to them and trust their vast unbiased judgement.