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Posted 18 November 2022

Samsung EVO Select microsdxc card - 256GB (£17.99) / 512GB (£37.99) / 128GB (£10.99) @ Amazon

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Update 1
512GB (£37.99) and 128GB (£10.99) still available. 256GB is out of stock.

Various reductions on Samsung Eco Select microsdxc memory card from midnight, 256GB down to £17.99 and 512GB down to £37.99.. The 128GB card is reduced to £10.99. Deal link goes to all the sizes on offer.

  • Samsung EVO Select 128GB microSDXC - £10.99
  • Samsung EVO Select 256GB microSDXC - £17.99
  • Samsung EVO Select 512GB microSDXC - £37.99

Samsung EVO Select microsdxc card - 256GB (£17.99) / 512GB (£37.99) / 128GB (£10.99)


  • Brand - Samsung
  • Flash memory type - Micro SDXC
  • Colour - Blue
  • Hardware interface - MicroSDXC
  • Secure digital association speed class - Class 10
  • Digital Storage Capacity - 64GB / 128GB / 256GB / 512GB
  • Read Speed - 130 MB per second



Key Features

  • All the space you need - The smarter choice. Enhanced speed and compatibility deliver dependable performance. Huge capacity lets you store tons of media on your phone, load your handheld console with games, or download more apps on your tablet. Top-notch speed makes transfers seamless with trusted reliability.
  • Fast and smooth - Tackle big tasks with ease. Even with huge files, the EVO Select is reliably quick with superfast U3, class 10 rated transfer speeds of up to 130MB/s.¹ ² Big apps load and run smoothly, while 4K video stays flawless with A2, V30, and UHS-I Interface.³ 4
  • Expand and store big - Free your phone from limits. Find your perfect fit from 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, or an enormous 512GB. With so many sizes, all your needs are fully covered. No more worrying about storage—there's space for all your memories.5 6 7 8 9
  • You're fully protected - 6-proof peace of mind. The EVO Select takes on life’s adventures with water10, temperature11, X-ray12, magnet13, drop14, and wearout15-proof protection. Your irreplaceable experiences deserve the reliable choice.


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  1. Avatar
    Are these any good for Nintendo Switch OLED?
    48723806-7Zptt.jpgNext speed rating up compared to the officially licenced one I believe.
  2. Avatar
    Is this good for just storage for a phone? Specifically video/media. ..or is this aimed at gamers and gaming devices. ie performance focussed?
    Cheers (edited)
    If you're not bothered about speeds the Amazon Basics card, *supposedly* made by Lexar, is £32.99: Amazon Basics 512gb Micro SD
  3. Avatar
    Is this a decent alternative?? Deal of the day: Amazon Basics 512GB MicroSDXC with SD Adapter - Read Speed up to 100 MB/s amzn.eu/d/1…slk
    This is a good deal but Samsung is a known brand.
  4. Avatar
    YES SUPER hot picked up X 2 512gb love this for my Stream Deck - best card out!
    Great card for Steam Deck. I use 1 of these for emulation and a 2TB WD 740 for steam games
  5. Avatar
    Yesss, waiting paid off, heat!
    512gb & 256gb ordered, thanks (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Sweet. Ordered the 512.
  7. Avatar
    Lol at the description on the 512gb card:

    About this item
    • A range of fun designs to choose from (Unicorn, Duck, Dinosaur, Shark)
    • Waterproof & TAPED seams to keep you dry
    • Grown on hood
    • Model no. RKW264 B65CB1

    I 100% want a waterproof and unicorn theme SD card.
  8. Avatar
    512GB was £36.99 on Prime Day... will this drop lower?
  9. Avatar
    Where are people seeing the SanDisk for £5 less? Or has it gone?
    Have you tried searching....
  10. Avatar
    Great. two bought for the hope of a Steamdeck around Christmas
  11. Avatar
    Hurrah, thanks Chanchi... missed out on the last couple of times when were selling the 512GB at this price (it's an extra pound but if I even turn around at a supermarket most shelf labels go up by more). Pretty surprised stock has lasted this long this time but well pleased to get one : )
  12. Avatar
    Heat heat heat!!! Will try to refrain this time as I bought a couple last time it was down...
  13. Avatar
    This or the Sandisk Ultra A1 for a fiver cheaper and up to 150mbps?
    Equivalent 256gb is £1 cheaper and is 120mbps.
    48722453_1.jpg (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Will this fit into s20 fe 5g...
    Yes it has a micro SD slot so will support this.
  15. Avatar
    Would the Scandisk cards be better for the switch, as it is £5 cheaper? Not sure speeds matter for the switch
    The higher speeds with the Evo won't really benefit the Switch, so the SanDisk is a good buy.

    I bought the Evo for my Switch, but also because I may want to use it in another device that'll take advantage of the speeds later down the line. (edited)
  16. Avatar
    I bought Integral 512gb sd yesterday for £50

    The speed is up to 180mbs apparently.

    Is it worth it or probably best to send back and buy these instead?
    Depends on what you're going to be using it in, I keep reading the steam deck won't see anywhere near 180, barely over 100 due to UHS-I. It's why I held off anyway, happy to be corrected. (edited)
  17. Avatar
    Any thoughts, is it worth paying the 5 pound difference between this and the Sandisk? Buying mainly for a Switch. (edited)
    For the switch no, get the cheaper one.. For the steam deck, its worth the extra £5 in my opinion
  18. Avatar
    For GoPro hero 11 which is better ?
  19. Avatar
    Thanks heat added, bought the 256
  20. Avatar
    Ordered 512gb, thanks op
  21. Avatar
    Been waiting for one of these on Black Friday Thanks OP, 🤞 it isn't lower next Friday
    Hopefully now with Amazon advertising it as Black Friday week. Bit snide if so, I'll accept a quid difference at most
  22. Avatar
    Looks like that cheap sandisk 512gb has sold out - it's coming up at £48 (I was going to buy it but one of the amazon promo's wasnt working, when I came back, the price had jumped up.
    Ahh you saw. Haha.. yeh dang it.
  23. Avatar
    Would this card be overkill for using with a Sony Xperia 5 iv ?
    Saving pictures and video directly from the camera?
    Would a slower card work just as well?
  24. Avatar
    Bought one of these in the end after missing out on the sandisk. Effectively cost me £25.99 after the £7 promo on here and a £25 gift card what I got 20% off
  25. Avatar
    Bought 512gb last time for a steam deck..Now need another lol
  26. Avatar
    Bought the 512GB. Thanks OP!
    Got the 256GB for the Steam Deck last time round thinking it would be enough. I was wrong!
  27. Avatar
    Ordered three. Been waiting for the price yo come down for a while. Thanks OP.
  28. Avatar
    Bought one 512 & 2 x 256 for my new GoPro that I haven't purchased yet
    You know you can upload the videos to a disk or the cloud instead of keep buying these right? jk
  29. Avatar
    Will these work on a Redmi Note 10 pro?
  30. Avatar
    Went for the 512gb with £7 collect voucher. Have been holding out for a few months to upgrade 64gb in the switch
  31. Avatar
    Deal is over?
    It's £27.85 for me with 256GB... I guess the deal had limited numbers. 512GB is still £37.99 (edited)
    Showing £27.85... Look at other sellers.. From Amazon.. Early ish December. Still Prime I think. £17.99
  32. Avatar
    Finally. Thanks OP. Had no luck at all trying to get cheap 512gb MSDs from amazon so hopefully this will actually arrive
  33. Avatar
    How do you get £7 voucher
  34. Avatar
    I've always been a fan of the Samsung cards, but I wasn't convinced this time after seeing some of the recent Amazon reviews.
  35. Avatar
    Ordered 256gb. Thanks op 😃
  36. Avatar
    Ordered. Thanks for posting
  37. Avatar
    Thanks. Ordered the 256gb for my GoPro
  38. Avatar
    Could i install steam games as well as emudeck + roms on a single card, anyone know? Or does emudeck require a dedicated card?
    I'm just sticking to separate cards for mine. Got a 256gb for Emudeck, 512gb for Steam and a 512 for Windows.
  39. Avatar
    Hello all my daughter is just getting into her a level photography and am buying her a DSLR atm. Which is the best type of card to go for? Thanks for your help
    Integral V60 or v90 sd cards are good for the price for photography
  40. Avatar
    @Chanchi32 The 256GB one is is now in stock. £17.99 From Amazon. More expensive one was from a different seller. Later delivery 26-29 November. Think Prime only. (edited)