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Posted 23 December 2022

Samsung EVO Select microSDXC UHS-I U3 130MB/s Full HD & 4K UHD Memory Card inc. SD-Adapter - 256GB - £17.99 / 512GB - £37.99 @ Amazon

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Update 1
512 GB Still available @ £37.99

Flash memory typeMicro SDXC
Memory storage capacity256 GB
Compatible devicesTablet, Camera, Smartphone
Special featurewater_proof, x_ray_proof, temperature_proof
Read speed130 Megabytes Per Second
Item weight0.26 Grams
Hardware interfacemicroSDXC
Secure digital association speed classClass 10
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. Avatar
    Does this work in a dash cam?
    You should by a endurance or duration card for a dash cam. Normal cards will eventually break, and warranty doesn't cover dashcam use.
  2. Avatar
    These Samsung EVO Select memory card's, are Amazon's OWN 're-badged' version's of Samsung EVO II, Samsung EVO Plus, or, Samsung EVO Plus II, etc, right?

    Or ...

    After a bit of googling as I wanted to know the difference and yes that appears to be to be case.

    Amazon have exclusive rights to the EVO select name but Samsung rep has acknowledged they are the same as plus range
  3. Avatar
    80 Meg write speeds which is decent
    They appear to be faster than that under certain conditions.

    E.g. looking at on Amazon review if used in conjunction with the Samsung extended uhs-1 Usb adaptor that comes with the Samsung plus equivalent the card hit 134/125 read/write but fell back to around 98 with another brands uhs-1 reader.
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    These work great on steam deck
    Nice.. I've bought it for my steam deck
  5. Avatar
    There's also this 1Tb SanDisk Extreme PRO qith 120MB/s for £12.27
    Link to Ebay (edited)
    i dont trust this seller and product. Once bought a dud and fake memory card from eBay. never again. was refunded and immediately bought a Samsung variant from amazon.
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    512GB is back to Black Friday Price too £37.99
    The Pre-Christmas Sales have Started!
    Tiny bit more than double but I got the 512gb so I don't have to switch cards
  7. Avatar
    The SanDisk Extreme is overall better than this Samsung EVO Select microSD card.
    10 year warranty on this though. I doubt that many users hit the cards performance limits with many devices anyway. I know for a fact that my s20 plus and my brand new tab s8 ultra won't max this cards read and write speeds.
    Neither will the steam deck.

    So if you've hit the performance/size limit go for warranty.

    My 2cents.
  8. Avatar
    I have just bought the Sandisk extreme 128gb for a GoPro hero 9. Would this be better?
    that's fine. u don't hav to buy this
  9. Avatar
    Thanks OP, picked up the 512GB one for Steam Deck.

    Delivery is saying a couple of weeks, but Amazon seems to often send items earlier than their estimate so fingers crossed.
    Mine said a couple of weeks, but got an email saying the 5th right after ordering
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    512gb still showing available for £37.99
    As it should ...

  11. Avatar
    Is this ok for the steam deck? As in for steam games as opposed to windows.
    Better than okay. This Samsung Evo Select (which is identical to the Plus but rebranded for Amazon exclusivity) is top of the range within the well known brands. Pretty much on par with the Sandisk Extreme and only really superseded by the Extreme Pro (which is much more expensive for not much significantly better specs)... would avoid Sandisk Ultra range though as relatively slow.
  12. Avatar
    This is LITERALLY the same price I paid for a few of these (from Amazon too, by the way), on Amazon Prime Day ...

    Earlier this Year. :-D

    Great price + excellent memory card too. :-)

    Note to self:

    If ONLY these were £1-£3 cheaper each, then I'd hook up 1 or 2 more still.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh well.
    I’m fed up with many new devices having no micro SD slot so they can sell you useless ‘cloud storage’ that is not a substitute… it is a good card. I wish the Samsung Fold devices supported SD cards but they are long gone to the dark side…
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    Anybody have any issues with this card with steam deck. Just got the card and steam deck today. Popped the card in the deck tried to format, and the card is now a very light paper weight. Seems to be a major issue with the deck destroying cards. Amazon are now out of stock so can't get a replacement
    This has been known since March and 99% of the time it appears to occur on the 2nd format attempt. Didn't Valve release something about how they recommend people do not reformat the cards while the issue is being investigated.

    Tbh I don't think it should be on Amazon to replace the card for you. Its the Steam deck which has fried your card so you should be taking it up with Valve.

    Looks like a lot of people have success using the Original SD Formatter tool to save the cards after the deck has bricked them. (edited)
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    49312817-MsbV1.jpgMine just arrived 😁
    Yep!, that's how the one's I bought last Year looked like too. :-D

    *** Edit. ***

    The internal clear plastic housing, that packages both the memory card + it's adapter is a bit flimsy like, within.

    But, all in all, it serves it's purpose well, regardless. :-) (edited)
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    Thanks op..Managed to get a 512GB, just in time for Christmas. Already have one of these for Steam Deck and no issues.

    Not sure whether to put it in my phone or have another spare for games (edited)
    Could you not put it in your phone but also have some Steam games on it? I'd imagine you'll carry your phone when you have your Steam Deck so you'd be able to simply swap it over?
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    Expired price gone back up dammit

    The kingston 256GB MicroSD Card @£17.99 is still available (edited)
    Yep!, noticed them a few Day's back ago too.

    They're goooooood also. :-)
  17. Avatar
    Cheers. Just got the 512gb for steam deck
    App showed the 512 for me at a much higher price. Now it shows as £37.99 so I've got one :-)
  18. Avatar
    256GB has expired.
    It expired exactly 1 Week back even? :-(



    I believe the 516GB is still around?

    Or else whole deal will need expiring instead, or whatever? :-D
  19. Avatar
    Just ordered 256, tthanks (edited)
    That's a lot of micro SD cards.
  20. Avatar
    Got the 512gb card for £27.99 first orders with Amazon app got about 50 accounts
    You're a bad person. Mr bezos' kids need new shoes too. And money for school dinners. These hard times hit us all.
  21. Avatar
    Does this work with a gopro hero 9
    I was going to ask that. I wanted it to go with the £199 deal a few weeks ago
  22. Avatar
    Thanks for posting, actually bought something I needed for once (edited)
  23. Avatar
    Back up to £38
  24. Avatar
    This is not an SSD, why does it keep on triggering my SSD notification?
  25. Avatar
    The 512 was £37.99 for a brief period yesterday. I've been half watching it. So actually purchased it. Ended up buying the WD 512 at £36 while I was waiting. The amazon 1TB is £125 or so too rn. Prices have been up and down like a streakers underwear lately.
    The WD 512 for £36, was that internal?, external (via an enclosure)?

    Or ...

    Link please? :-)

  26. Avatar
    Is it compatible with Go Pro Hero 11?
    Yes and no.

    But more no, than that of yes, sorry. :-D

    But it is doable though, yes. :-)

    These 2, however are more passable though:



    As are these 2, too:



    Note to self:

    The above last 2 link's, are MORE 'purpose-built', for such use case scenario's, and suchlike's?, than that of my earlier/former 2 even (including that of the one you suggested also even - via way of your original question ... )

    Hope some of that helps? :-)
  27. Avatar
    Arrived earlier today.
    Testing done - all looks good
    I ordered two - neither are showing on eikther computer I've tried them or my steam deck - what am I doing wrong?
  28. Avatar
    available to order again at £37.99
    There at £37.99 but out of stock, I still ordered it anyway, least I got for that price I can wait
  29. Avatar
    256gb @ £17.99 available again
    .... and sadly gone again!
  30. Avatar
    Surprisingly the 512gb is still going for this price, it’s an excellent price and essential for Steam Deck owners,
    So I've heard. :-D

    Ironically, the 256GB one is the same £37.99, as the 512GB one currently is now, or whatever?

    Hmmmmmmmmmm, let me see, TEN of the 256GB memory card thing's for me, please? :-(


    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh well. ;-)
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    That is black Friday price, grab it if you are looking for one.
    grabbed one on black friday... spot on 💯
  32. Avatar
    Thanks OP, will get one of these. Deciding whether to go for the 256 or 512 for my boy's nintendo switch.
    256 should be enough for the switch
  33. Avatar
    Urgh I want one for the steam steam but have already ordered a 2tb 2230 SSD haha
    Which one did you get and what price? Currently have a Samsung 256gb in mine, replacing the 64gb but wish I'd gotten at least 1tb.
  34. Avatar
    I think bought it when it was on a similar price or a pound less. Heat (edited)
  35. Avatar
    Anyone experienced where these cards become RAW? 512gb quite a lot to loose.
  36. Avatar
    Are these good to use in smart phone
    Depends on your phone, but yes, if your phone takes them, these are the best spec you need and the price is good
  37. Avatar
  38. Avatar
  39. Avatar
    Bought the 512GB version on 30/12/22 whilst searching for a good one before I saw this post.
    However, there’s a long wait time. My delivery is estimated mid January 2023…
    Ya, #MeToo

    To be fair though, I've had plenty of stuff like that, I guess when Mr Bezos gets enough orders he orders it sooner, and it generally turns up waaaaaaaaay earlier (edited)
  40. Avatar
    Yesterday (2nd Jan) my order for the 512GB card said arriving January 14th.
    Today (3rd Jan) it now says arriving tomorrow (4th Jan).

    Hopefully you all get yours sooner rather than later too!