Samsung F4 2TB £65.99  *DELIVERED* @Novatech

Samsung F4 2TB £65.99 *DELIVERED* @Novatech

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*UPDATED* They seem to have dropped the price again this morning to £65.99 CRAZY!
Wanted to find the cheapest deal on this for media storage and found the one from scan on here, but noticed Novatech doing the same drive slightly cheaper and with free delivery (without having to sign up to forums!).

Not sure if this is for their shops too or how long this will last so grab em quick I guess.


- 667GB Formatted Capacity Per Disk
- Serial ATA 3.0Gbps Interface Support
- Improved recording stability over temperature with PMR
- Advanced dynamic FOD control for best data integrity
- Intelligent compensation of external disturbance
- SATA Native Command Queuing Feature
- Device Initiated SATA Power Management
- Shock & Rotational vibration sensor
- Environment friendly product with RoHS compliance
- Improved performance with dual-ARM based firmware
- ATA S.M.A.R.T. Compliant
- ATA Automatic Acoustic Management Feature
- ATA 48-bit Address Feature
- ATA Device Configuration Overlay Feature
- NoiseGuard™
- SilentSeek™

- Now down to £64.98
- markbloke


Best deal around - hot

There's 3.03% cashback at Topcashback.

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3% at Quidco too

Getting better, as soon as they get as low as £60 I'll buy a pair.

Are they available for Store collection at this price as well. As there is a store near me in Reading.

Bargain for a 2TB drive.... but the £46 1.5TB drives Scan seem to regularly have in the 'today only' section still remain undefeated for value for money.

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Are they available for Store collection at this price as well. As there … Are they available for Store collection at this price as well. As there is a store near me in Reading.

I'm not sure, it's worth asking

Best price yet! Heat added.

WD are teh best.

For anybody who cares just to point out these are slightly slower drives at 5400rpm which means slower seek time etc. For some reason the 2TB 7200rpm models are a lot more expensive.

Yes you can purchase these hard drives in store at this price. All our online prices are the same in store and we have stock of the hard drive at Reading.


WD are teh best.

I have had one WD drive fail this year still with 12 months warranty, and a couple of Maxtors years ago. Yes they are reliable but there customer service is shocking. They took three weeks to send out my replacement drive but when I got the new one it only had 3 months warranty left. I emailed and called and nobody would correct it. Finally after writing abusive comments about it 5 times on their forums and being threatened with my login being withdrawn 3 times, which I told them was ok because I would just keep creating new ones until they took me to court and the judge would fix the situation, a sole employee in America saw what they had done and gave me 18 months warranty.
Having checked my old drive serial number it was re-sold probably as new, just 7 days after I sent it back.

People comment on these being slow - it's not really meant as an OS drive, get it into your heads!
It's designed with storage purposes in mind and they aren't particularly slow anyhoo..

If you're fussed about speed, put your OS on a small but quick SSD and use this for your media.


Damn 5400rpm

Getting cheaper. Give it a few more months and hopefully they'll be under £50.

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Damn 5400rpm

As Mr Mot already said, this is not a slow 5400 drive and in any case, this size drive is for one thing only - media storage, so it hardly matters being 5400. It's not like you are going to use one of these as your OS main drive, so I think 5400 is fine. I bought 2 of these yesterday and already had the 1.5tb 5400 in my server box serving wireless content just fine. Plus the speed being low seems to keep the drive cooler too and that in theory should help reliability.


Damn 5400rpm

It's highly unlikely you'd ever see any real world difference from a 7200rpm drive. People get carried away with benchmark testing which is done to fractions.

The Samsung F4s give 7200rpm level performance in a 5200rpm drive. This is due to higher GB Per platter. This means lower heat, noise and power usage. Also should give much better reliability as less mechanical components (and less heat). Should also spin up a bit quicker if using in a NAS! These are very good drives at a great price! There wouldn't be a problem putting your OS on this...

heh, ebuyer canceled my order because of unverified paypal. Kind of glad now have ordered from Nova Heat n rep added.

This is an awesome product at an awesome price! Just advertised to Friends and Family on Facebook and Twitter

Thanks all for pointing me at this deal.
Managed to cancel my ebuyer order and save a few quid.

Very good value. Thanks for the heads up, voted hot!

Waiting for these to drop a bit more then I'll get two. Hopefully they should be around £60 in the next few weeks.

What is the warranty. It's an oem drive according to the title, but has 3 year warranty in the description. I would say that they would have to honour the warranty, as they've advertised as such. However no warranty would be provided by Samsung

Could you possibly clarify char_budd?

Good deal. Thanks!

Nice one... ordered

Ordered one, I cannot shuffle around my files any longer.... 5TB will be nice

Received 3 working days later - Great
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