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Posted 26 November 2022

Samsung Fold 4 512GB, Ult Everything Sim £22pm 24months + £859 upfront - Claim Tab S6 Lite + Freebies (+TCB) = £1387 @ Mobile Phones Direct

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:


So I've been on the look out for a Fold 4 deal and came across this for £1387 for the 512GB version with all the extras.

So with all the freebies the phone works out as £499.11 (if TCB tracks).

24 month Contract @ £22m + £859 upfront for the 512GB model =

- £79.90 - Disney + : samsung.com/uk/…us/
- £299.00 - Tab S6 Lite (2022 model) : 2021.samsungpromotions.claims/tab…-GB
- £89.99 - Fold Pack (Charger, Case & Pen) : 2021.samsungpromotions.claims/202…-GB
- £35 - TCB : topcashback.co.uk/mob…ct/
- £384 - Cheapest 3 network 24m ult every sim only (@ £16/ 24 months pm)

= £499.11

Extra bonus = Possible trade in (IE S21 128 for £240) which will help reduce the overall cost.


To Note:

This is only good if you need to switch your contract or currently on a monthly ongoing one and happy with 3.

It's good to have a large upfront cost and a lower month contract to help reduce the annual Sim price increase.

Beige in-stock, others are 2-4 weeks (gives you time to pac over to a different network and then back to three if you are on it).

You can also use the three+ rewards app for extras (I use the Cafe Nero £1 drink!)

Let me know your thoughts. Alternatively you can get the 100gb deal for £1269 - tho it's a 256gb model (£669 up front and £25/24 months) and still claim all the freebies.


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    If this goes over 100 deg, I will bite and purchase the deal (will be moving from a Poco F3)

    Any Fold 4/3/2/1 users please let us know your thoughts on this deal and how your experience has been using a fold device
    I have the Z3


    • Perfect size for surfing the Internet as a tablet
    • The unfolded size is great for typing, texts, emails, being able to use both hands with a querty keyboard is awesome
    • 120 Hz refresh along with the OLED Display is incredible, I prefer watching YouTube and Netflix on this device Vs the 10.5" S6 tablet I used to use


    • 6 Hour battery life, it's decent but I'm disappointed that in 2022 we don't have devices that can last a full day, if you're looking to use this thing as a phone/tablet having to recharge it a few times a day is really annoying
    • The S Pen, it's specific for this device and I misplace it all the time. I really wish it was the size of the pen in the Galaxy Note (this s pen is too big for the device) There is also nowhere to put it which is annoying. I'd love it to click into the phone like the Galaxy Notes do, then it wouldn't get lost easily
    • Like pretty much all modern smart phones, it's made of glass, drop it once and it's going to get damaged. So you need a good case to protect it and considering the phone is bulky already it makes it quite a bit bulkier than even a Galaxy Note phone
    • No micro SD Card slot, the storage whether it's 256GB or 512GB is your lot

    With this said I love this device, I'm yet to find the perfect device

    For future models I'd focus on usability, I'd...

    1) Get rid of the front glass screen and only have a button to answer phone calls
    2) I'd actually make the fold screen a bit smaller, about 20% less in height
    3) I'd really like the phone to be thinner, it's too thick when folded and used as a phone
    4) I want an S pen no bigger than in the Galaxy Notes and I want it to click into the Z Fold
    5) I would like much greater battery life, ideally at least double so it lasting 12 hours (edited)
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    How do you claim the freebies?it's not showing with any network.
    Click on the links in the description. The deal is based on buying the phone through mobile phones direct. Follow the links in the description and complete once you have recieved your phone.
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    If I'm on 3 and due an upgrade, so want to keep my number, then it not an option right?
    You can buy a pay and go SIM for a different provider and port your number across. Then take out this contract and port your number back across to three
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    If we order one of the out of stock ones is it going to cause an issue with the free Galaxy Tab S6 Lite offer?

    Sometimes the final receipt shows an order date adjusted for actual despatch date rather than the original order date... (edited)
    Should be okay, given you have ordered within time frame. They don't use dispatch date as they can always be delays plus you have to pay the upfront costs now and not later.
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    Anyone else who ordered this got a phone resealed by Brand Smart Ltd who have apparently opened the phone to put on UK firmware to a EU model?
    I ordered the 512Gb version model in beige and have a sticker that says its an EU model with UK firmware
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    Excellent deal.

    If you're in London, I'd suggest not going with three though. Awful speeds around the city.
  7. Avatar
    Good deal, thanks for the effort!
  8. Avatar
    Deal at 71 Deg+ Still holding fire until it reaches 100 lol

    Got until the 30th Nov (edited)
    Don't think it'll get there 😞
  9. Avatar
    Even Glasgow Three is rubbish speeds. More so no internet connection even though phone shows 5G full bars. I moved away from three after almost 4 years for this very reason. (edited)
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    Thank you for this, I'm interested but I want the 100GB deal mentioned at the bottom of the post:
    "Alternatively you can get the 100gb deal for £1269 (£669 up front and £25/24 months) and still claim all the freebies."
    I can't see this option on the website though, only Unlimited deals. Any help finding the 100GB deal is appreciated!
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    How did you get 3 @ £16/24 mth?
  12. Avatar
    How do you get the freebies? Does it work if you don't go through mobile phones direct?
    Participating retailers....
  13. Avatar
    Hi all, will expire the deal given the cutoff date has gone for the Tab S6 Lite.

    Dont forget to claim all your freebie's when you get your goods
    Did you go for one in the end?
  14. Avatar
    Has anyone tried to claim the Fold4 Starter Kit Promotion? I just got a message saying it was unsuccessful because "Unfortunately, Mobilephonesdirect is not an eligible retailer in this promotion." It's clearly listed in the Participating Retailers sections so what is going on
    Strange, give them a call, let us know how you get on:

    Alternatively, if you have any problems or questions related to this promotion, our customer service team will be happy to help.

    If you're contacting us regarding your claim, please have your 9-digit Claim Reference to hand before calling.

    Call us at 0330 054 5436.

    Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays). Calls will be charged at local call rates from landlines only.