Posted 15 February 2023

Samsung Fold4 Leather Case £4.99 in basket @ EE store

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Samsung Fold4 Leather Case. Shown as £14.99 but after adding to basket it goes down to £4.99. (I bought 2 (one for uncle from Germany) and it keeps showing at this price. You might need an active line with EE to get this price.)

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Enhance the elegance of Galaxy Fold4 5G's unique design with every fold and unfold.

The Leather Cover brings the softness of genuine leather to the exterior of your phone.


  • Soft, genuine leather
  • Drop protection
  • Screen protector

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    Ordered thank you. You need to have an EE active account with contract to purchase. When I follow the deal link it shows full price. It then asks me to login and then a yellow pop up message states I am eligible for the promo and displays the discount price

    Anyone recommend an internal and external screen protector please and I may get it out of the box. Perhaps you don't need the internal one as will be closed when transporting it around? (edited)
    You can buy the front screen protector from Samsung. samsung.com/uk/…ww/
    It comes with the applicator kit and is easy to install.
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    Avoid leather, please!
    Good point the cardboard ones are so much better!

    Good point the cardboard ones are so much better! (edited)
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    Sorted, just need the phone now.
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    Thanks very much just ordered
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    Actually wanted one of these, but I'm no longer with EE.

    Do you have to have an active account?
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    14.99 for me after adding to basket (edited)
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    Still shows full price for me
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    14.99 for as well
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  10. Avatar
  11. Avatar
    Thanks, bought. I had to log in to see the deal. I'm a current EE customer too.
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    I hope uncle in Germany enjoys it (edited)
    I'm sure He will. We're both rocking s pen cases but his one was on the radar too.
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    Many thanks. The order went through at £4.99
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    Thank you. Ordered
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    Will this got fold 3 (edited)
    I forgot to add that fold 3 leather case is there at the same price
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    The official Samsung cases are poor as they don't protect the hinge.
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    Hard even register with EE stupid website! Then you can't add item to basket unless you're a mobile or broadband customer. I give up. Nice deal if it works for you tho, ta
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    It is £14.99 for me too all the way through to the payment screen 😣
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    14.99 for me £4.99 for the other half. Can't get my head round to why we have different prices (edited)
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    Anyone able to order one for me. Don't know anyone with an EE contract..
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    OOS and showing as £14.99 even when logged in (contract user).
    OoS but available for order. Still £4.99 for me. Hard to say why some people are getting this tenner discount.
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    Received mines next day, ordered again last night and already been dispatched, even tho it says oos, ordered again just now and went through again at £4.99
    Hi, i'll buy one from you if you post it on Ebay at a resonable price. Thank you
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    Any chance plese to buy one from someone?
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