Samsung G130 SIM-FREE smart phone £36.99  with code @ Bespoke Offers / Buyur

Samsung G130 SIM-FREE smart phone £36.99 with code @ Bespoke Offers / Buyur

Found 16th Sep 2015
This phone can be bought through bespoke offers for 56.99 with free Royal mail delivery and code Happy20 should take off £20 from the price making the total cost 36.99.

This is a very basic smart phone with a single core processor, 512 MB RAM and 3.5" screen. So, certainly doesn't suit most of the people but it is a cheap throw away smart phone and may be useful to somebody.

Its a Samsung Galaxy Young 2
- aramaj36
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if its going to be coupon day again every post being a coupon based post, so spam day, ill help with the spam

and say you would be getting better spec of a phone to keep or resell to cex in cash £43 or vouchers £61

with a kazam thunder q4.5, tho got to hope for a low offer (or put a lot in) since i have some that drop it under the £50 min (low as £45 atm £35ish after cashback (that now endded), might be playing the cex voucher game to new iphone *should be about £250 cash cost in the end* for someone else, might just be bored, no stealing my ideas in new letter with out credit, slow people, again i cant spell but i can think, and already all done so cant share it now if anything it helps my plan flooding cex with them and dropping they sell price sooner)
@ quead....huh?
it's cheaper than WiFi camera might be useful to install few of them around for surveillance over IP
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