Samsung G600 -11 months @ £1.99 - 12 month contract
Samsung G600 -11 months @ £1.99 - 12 month contract

Samsung G600 -11 months @ £1.99 - 12 month contract

The Samsung G600 has proven that mobile phones don't necessarily need to be oversized, over weight and bulky in order to be classed as a high quality, high specification camera phone. Through the G600, Samsung have created a handset that incorporates a 5 Mega pixel camera plus many other features in a mobile phone that is, incredibly, just 14mm thick.

* 5 Megapixel Digital Camera

5 Megapixel Digital Camera
* 16m colour TFT screen

16m colour TFT screen
* MP3 player

MP3 player
* MP3 Ringtones

MP3 Ringtones
* Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology

Samsungs reputation for producing high spec handsets in small packages is only going to be further enhanced through the Samsung G600 mobile phone. Compact and ultra stylish in its design, the Samsung G600 mobile phone really has broken the mould.

If you want a high end specification mobile phone and do not wish to compromise on design, then the Samsung G600 is certainly the mobile phone to keep image conscious technology enthusiasts happy. Additionally, the Samsung G600 comes with the latest image editing technology allowing you to personalise your favourite photos.


Lol, i bought this a few months ago, sold the G600 for £90 and bought myself a new phone!

prob cheaper getting it from woolworths for 99 quid n getting the sim deal only as cashback is never 100%

hot even though its cashback.
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