Samsung G600 5mp PAYG Mobile - £197.10 from Littlewoods

Samsung G600 5mp PAYG Mobile - £197.10 from Littlewoods

Found 28th Sep 2007
This is a great deal on the latest Samsung 5mp phone. The cheapest I have seen it so far is on at £269.99.

It is locked to Orange but that shouldn't be a problem.

It is listed at £219 but use code XX279 for 10% off and also go through Quidco for 6% cashback, making this phone a bargain at £185!!

You can also BNPL, it is much better than tying yourself in to an 18 month contract at £25-£30 a month.


Hi ianeb, welcome to HUKD. I've updated the post - we usually do tno show quidco in the discounted amount.

Please see the links in my signature for help on posting deals.

i would guess the £30 off for new customers buying with finance and the free p&p codes would work too bringing the total price down considerably

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Yeah good point, i guess they would but i have already been told off for "codestacking" :oops: (sorry emma)

I think it's a great deal, one which i have taken up already :thumbsup:

Give it 3 months (if you can wait that long) and this will be loads cheaper on contract (thats what i'm hoping anyway).

Nice little phone though!

Voted hot. This is a great price for this phone. Been looking for this on PAYG on Orange without any luck. Sim free cost is normally £270-299.

please be aware that littlewoods have a reputition for charging you for the codes 2 months down the line. so think of it as buy now pay later.

Thanks for the heads up, just looking into this. The original price of £219 is still good though.

speaking to a superviser on friday, i can definately confirm a crackdown is in progress at 'excessive' voucher use on accounts, it seems to me they just dont like you getting discounts as it hits their profit margin just that bit more, to be honest im 99.9% sure they still make a profit on these transactions with vouchers!


Can you expand on this so called 'crackdown' you are telling us about here, would be very intrested to hear more about it and I'm sure a lot of others here on hukd share my sentiments.

please mark this expired . the sooner we get these dodgy posts off this forum the better.
obviously voted very cold!
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