Samsung G600 Silver Mobile Phone - T Mobile - PAYG - £78.29 - Argos
Samsung G600 Silver Mobile Phone - T Mobile - PAYG - £78.29 - Argos

Samsung G600 Silver Mobile Phone - T Mobile - PAYG - £78.29 - Argos

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Good price for a good phone.

3G handset.

Slider style handset.

Colour screen.

Built-in 5 megapixel camera with 4 x zoom.

Video capture and playback.

MP3 player.


55Mb internal memory.

Expandable memory (compatible card) SD card - 512Mb card included.

Quad band.

Talk time - up to 310 minutes.

Stand-by time - up to 300 hours.

Vibration alert.

Downloadable games.

WAP compatible.

Size (H)102, (W)47.8, (D)14.9mm.

Weight 105g.


It goes to show how much technology is over priced. I paid £270 (sim free) for this phone when it was first released. I still have it. It's a good phone, but the flash on the camera gives everything an overpowering blue tint in low light.

Still a very good price.

I think you can get it for £79.95 and that is including a £10 airtime voucher.
From ]carphonewarehouse.com.

That makes it a bit cheaper again. I am tempted, but the wife probably wouldn't be happy.

This is a nice compact phone, but from personal experience, the camera resolution of 5MP is a little exaggerated in terms of quality. Anything other than perfect stillness gives a blurred image.

I can't take pictures of my daughter on this as (with all children) they never flipping sit still.

As an aside: its a "Micro SD" not standard SD card too

Still it checked most of the boxes when i was looking for a contract phone last year. Good price for the item, even if it may be available +- a few pound.

edit: wow 15 degrees of heat from me

The camera is RUBBISH! I sent this phone back when i got it on contract. If your not bothered about the camera then i guess its ok but i wouldnt waste my money on it.

After the last couple of comments I am not tempted anymore

Please note the Samsung G600 is not a 3G phone. I have one so I should know. As said the camera aint great! Takes a couple of seconds to take a picture after pressing the button. No user defined message tones, only default Samsung ones. Slow texting editor. Mixed up media player!! Otherwise not a bad phone but I'd stick with Nokia.:thumbsup:
Also watch out for original samsung firmware!!! It has been a well known problem with this phone. I had to mine re flashed by Vodaphone. Since then it has performed much faster than before.

This phone is not all that good really i own one.i havew no problem with the camera and think its quite good.but there are plently of other things wrong with it such as the software faults mine seems to keep getting also it really aint that new now.looks cool but thats about it.

I also have this phone,which I'm quite happy with, especially the price I got it for. It is definately not 3G but I dont understand why it is advertised as such in many outlets:x

Nice phone and great price. Nearly bought one for sprog last year. Word of caution though, look up broken screens with this phone. The lcd (not the glass on top) smashes fairly easily.

I have it, and i don't like it. Everything has already been said really, just wanted to through my tuppence in. Also, although it is meant to support bluetooth stereo, i had to sent the motorola S9 headphones back as they wouldn't stay connected for more than a few seconds.

Some come with blutooth ear piece in the box. can someone let us know.

I've had this phone for over 12 months now and it's rubbish. The camera might be 5 megapixel but it is only good for taking still pictures. Seems to take forever to take a picture with the flash on and any movement will result in a blurred image. The games are poor and texting is ok if you do it slowly. No good for you fast texters cus it will miss letters and the dictionary is poor IMO. Some basic English words are not recognised and I am forever having to add words which it deletes after a while and you have to add it again. Paid £170 12 months ago. And MESHOSA mine came with a bluetooth earpiece that fits inside your ear but it keeps falling out.

I've got this phone and agree with all the other comments the phone looks nice but that's about it and another thing the camera drains all the battery power after taking a couple of photo's it needs charging again.

Just a thought the members who dont like this phone have you had your firmware flashed? It can make a difference. Won't make the camera any better but does make this phone slightly faster.

just pitching in my 2d worth. I had the U600, samish phone, and although a great size, software is rubbish. Text too big on txts, so you only get half doz or so words per page, no cancel button when you press the wrong key, alarms dont save on the time set once gone off, so you have to re set the alarm time again and again.
go SErricson. Superb software.

Had this phone for a year now - no problems, does what it should pretty well. Nice compact, light. Takes photos. Not perfect, I prefer my wife's Iphone, but that's not really a fair comparison.

You could do a lot worse at this price.

I have this phone and the charge lasts about a day.

Had this camera on contract to replace my old Samsung D900 12 months back as it looked so smart. I quite frankly cant wait to get rid of it . . . . . worst camera lag I have ever experienced or ever likely to experience, the rest of the phone's features just range from average to poor.

Said before the camera aint bad..went to a boxing match and tried to take some snaps and thought about what other users had put...its **** when trying to take moving items.The games arent too bad.Cannon ball is quite addtictive but who really buys a phone for its games

Dont buy it its slow .... and waste of money

I just got this phone free on a £8.50 a month virgin contract.

It's a nice decent phone, i'm not fuss on camera features so it doesn't bother me.
I have never paid for any phone for £200 new and don't want to either. Most ever spent
£100 on a nokia 302?? in year 2000 and probably never spend over that for a phone now.

This phone is **** it cant do anything decent


This phone is **** it cant do anything decent

Each to their own. Everyone have their own definition of a decent phone.
I'm quite satisfied, it does the job quite adequately for me.

its old technology for the basic user .


thats why orange gave it away on their £15 contract not so long ago!
The camera is useless and the menus are ahrd to use, its also really brittle.
conclusion: I wouldn't pay £20 for this.
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