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Posted 3 October 2022

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Mobile Phone + Galaxy Watch5 40mm No Strap + 4 x SmartTag + £50 Play Voucher + Case £475 / £386 W/Trade @ Samsung EPP

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Some bundle here, 15% auto applies when adding these lot, so going via perks at work etc on this one, add the A53 (£359.10) to basket, the watch5 40mm with no strap (£199.75) Then add a trade in of any broken phone against the phone, then any smart watch against the watch5, then you can claim the 4 x smartTags and case here - 2021.samsungpromotions.claims/bac…rms, and the £50 google play voucher here - 2021.samsungpromotions.claims/sam…-GB

Then go here to buy a nice cheap strap

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Mobile Phone SIM Free Android Smartphone 128 GB

About this item
  • Feast eyes on vibrant details with the FHD+ Super Amoled display. With the expansive 6.5-inch Infinity-O Display, enjoy vivid outdoor visibility up to 800 nits while reducing blue light with the Eye Comfort Shield
  • The multi-lens camera on the Galaxy A53 5G takes photos to the next level. Get crisper, clearer shots with the 64MP OIS Camera, expand viewing angle with the Ultra Wide Camera, customize focus with the Depth Camera and get closer to details with the Macro Camera
  • Time to get to work. Powered with a 5nm Octa-core processor, Galaxy is built to handle heavy-duty multitasking. RAM Plus reads usage patterns and provides extra virtual RAM for an additional boost
  • A 5,000mAh (typical) battery for more time streaming, sharing, gaming and more. Quickly revive Galaxy with up to 25W Super Fast Charging and enable adaptive power saving to enhance the overall battery performance

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Smart Watch, Health Monitoring, Fitness Tracker, Long Lasting Battery, Bluetooth, 40mm

About this item
  • Sleep tracker - know your sleep with our improved sleep tracking technology. Plan your bedtime, detect snoring, understand and track your sleep stages.
  • Watch your heart - the powerful 3-in-1 Samsung BioActive sensor controls three health sensors effectively: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis sensor, Electrical Heart sensor (ECG), and Optical Heart Rate sensor.
  • Fast charging battery – the Watch5 takes about 30 minutes to go from 0% up to 45% charge. With a bigger battery than its predecessors and fast charging, you're ready to go in no time.
  • Durabile smart watch - Water-resistant, with a harder front display made with premium Sapphire crystal that's 1.6 times stronger against scratches
  • Get your way - Enter the bespoke studio and customize from a range of new bands and styles to match your unique look.

Samsung More details at Samsung

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  1. Avatar
    Great price but the phone is pretty poor to use, it’s fine for a couple of things at a time but you can tell it does not have a good chip when you push it a little bit. Heat for the deal though if you can put up with that. (edited)
    I would have to agree, I got mine around May in a previous EPP deal for less than £200. I think the RRP is ridiculous, I would be disappointed at full price, but it's perfectly acceptable around the £200 mark. I don't use it heavily and don't game on it, I just wanted something new with a nice screen and a few years software support.
  2. Avatar
    This deal is bonkers. I have an A53 for work, its a great phone. Same as my S20FE which is my daily driver. Really nice screen, good battery life. As with all Samsungs you'll want to fiddle with notifications on/off to really get the best out of battery (although this is the same as iPhone to be fair).

    I have a watch 4 and it's a great bit of kit. The bodyfat analysis is really useful to calculate your basic burn rate, and it will be able to accurate calorie count your steps so ideal for someone wanting to lose weight, samsung health has a good food tracker built in. Watch 5 is an added layer of sugar, not much substance but subtle changes to improve.

    Use the Google play voucher on disney + subscription or YouTube premium.
    Finally someone justified me getting the deal as I wasn't sure what I'm gonna do with google play vouchers
  3. Avatar
    Thank you Mr S, traded my cracked a70, not much difference in phone but with the extras will be great. Re the smart tags how do I actually claim them as link is terms/conditions?. Thanks

    Should take you straight there
  4. Avatar
    Anyone having problems with EPP, I have it through my work and should be able to access through totem but anytime I put my email in it just bounces back to the login page
    Clear your cache and cookies etc
  5. Avatar
    To put in a claim for the free Smart Tags and S-View case promotion, it requests proof of purchase.

    Any ideas where I can get an invoice for online sales? I still have the emailed order / dispatch confirmations, and tried the linked Order Lookup, but don't see anywhere to download an invoice.

    Expecting delivery this afternoon. (edited)
    They email an invoice after delivery, it must be automated, as it's normally a few minutes after delivery confirmation
  6. Avatar
    Has anyone been able to claim the google £50 for this? I can't see the watch that was listed in the deal (SM-R900NZADWEU) in on their product list? @MrSwitch - any ideas?
    I was able to successfully to claim everything noted on the deal. I have emails from Samsung to verify my claim.
  7. Avatar
    Is a Mi Band classed as 'any smartwatch'?
  8. Avatar
    Holding out for an epic screw up on Samsungs site like last year. That was amazing
    I got the S20fe for a £139 a few months ago, as codes stacked for a few day before they fixed the site, it does happen.
  9. Avatar
    This is by far the best deal 🤝 @MrSwitch
    It's too violent to ignore. By violent I don't mean it literally, but as an extent of how great a deal it is...Heat added.
    I think it's more of a "light blue" not violent

  10. Avatar
    That's a proper job lot of stuff for a great price!
  11. Avatar
  12. Avatar
    Class bundle heat
  13. Avatar
    More good deals, the man is on fire today
  14. Avatar
    Another cracking Samsung bundle deal that gets you lots of goodies for a decent price with the trade in! ♨️
  15. Avatar
    It's Samsung deal day from switchy!
    How many you bought this time.??
  16. Avatar
    Thanks cancelled my s20fe order order this one instead
  17. Avatar
    Can't get to work only give me 5 percent off 48350682-QFjrF.jpg

    Can't get to work only give me 5 percent off 2373866991664790024.jpg (edited)
    Are you going via the epp?
  18. Avatar
    I can't see a strapless watch on perks at works,also no tags are attached
    You claim the tags
    Select the graphite watch, it reduces to £199.75 (edited)
  19. Avatar
    How do you add the case?
    you need to claim, please see description (edited)
  20. Avatar
    Only getting additional 5% off via EEP. Not sure if they changed this auto discount
  21. Avatar
    @MrSwitch you think you'll try out he pixel 7's mate? Especially with the rumoured gifts included?
    Will see the price, but probs will pick one up at some point I reckon
  22. Avatar
    How do you add a broken phone to trade in if you can't get an IMEI number
    Phones usually have the IMEI printed physically somewhere on the device. Look for a sticker under back panel/SIM slot etc
  23. Avatar
    I got this a few months ago from Amazon, can't say I'm amazed with the performance, it's pretty laggy, I'd say avoid tbh.
  24. Avatar
    Does anyone know whether the trade in smart watch ⌚ has to be working?. (edited)
    yeah it looks like it.
  25. Avatar
    Does the trade in require a working phone to turn on?
  26. Avatar
    "any broken phone" could this be a phone pre-ios/android...got an old Samsung slider..
    I have and it's been ok,but perhaps I've been lucky.
  27. Avatar
    Just an update, couldn't find the 40mm watch5 (no strap)...maybe sold out?
    But I've added the 44mm watch5 (no strap) instead and the total after trade-ins was £400 which I'm happy with for only another £14.

    So if it helps anyone the code for the strapless watch is SM-R910NZADWEU and it works out to £259 for phone & £141 for watch. The Google Play vouchers to claim for that model shows as "up to" £100 on the product page.

    PS - don't forget Samsung Pay cashback, Curve tracked £20 (edited)
    I couldn't find it either so I was going to do what you did but then I randomly got a pop up with the 40mm and was able to add to basket. Supposed to be delivered Sunday...
  28. Avatar
    Would love to get that deal unfortunately not a part of epp so every time I have to validate my email it's says is not valid (edited)
  29. Avatar
    @MrSwitch - took you up on this most excellent deal and apologies if it's been mentioned elsewhere.....but can you see the watch product code in your image (SM-R900NZADWEU) on the Samsung claim site? I'm just wondering if it isn't actually elgible?
  30. Avatar
    Is this available on the student portal? I'm looking for it but can't find it
  31. Avatar
    From past experience, do Samsung dispatch the promotional items quite promptly after the any claim is approved? Appreciate they quote 45days on their tracking page, but wondering if I should by a cheap case to tide me over till delivery. (edited)