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Posted 4 June 2023

Samsung Galaxy A54, Guaranteed £100 Trade In + £100 Samsung Cashback £449 / £249 After Trade In + Cashback @ Samsung

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Samsung Galaxy A54, Guaranteed £100 Trade In + £100 Samsung Cashback £449 / £249 After Trade In + Cashback

This could be had for potentially £214.10 (after trade in) with the 10% discount code can be found on eBay for £4.50.

Potential 5 % topcashback
Potential 10% discount code (Twitter codes)
Free JBL Speaker if you spend another £151
256GB version can be had for 10p more via EPP

info added by @wadz

  • The 6.4-inch FHD+ Infinity-O display offers a vibrant view with awesome outdoor visibility and silky smooth screentime with refresh rates up to 120Hz.
  • Multi Camera System: Capture your Awesome Moments with a 50MP main camera for crisp clear photos.
  • 5,000mah Battery: Go for more than 2 days with Samsung Galaxy A54 5G’s 5,000mAh battery
  • Boost yourself to beyond: Reach your potential at peak performance. The powerful octa-core processor opens up a new range of possibilities with heightened performance and capacity.
  • Awesome 5G: The power of 5G speeds changes your smartphone experience


Samsung More details at

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  1. r4w80's avatar
    If you have a hsbc credit card, I saw that there is an additional 10% cashback if you pay with it.
    Msn_2080's avatar
    Where can we see this?
  2. Mark153's avatar
    Just to offer a contrary opinion on the A54, one week since delivery and I couldn't be happier with mine.

    Battery is lasting over two full days for me, and that's with the 85% battery protection setting enabled and both bluetooth and NFC always on.

    My wife has an S21 Ultra, and operationally I can't feel much performance difference between them. The camera options on A54 are lesser and there's no wireless charging, but for my needs it's fine 🏻

    Both the old phone trade-in and Samsung cashback have processed without a hitch, plus TopCashback tracked at £14.22, so ultimately the phone will have cost me just shy of £200.
    john306's avatar
    Wow, if only mine was anywhere near that.
    What's your screen on time over those 2 days?
  3. Stephen_petrou's avatar
    How does this compare to the pixel 7a anyone?
    LEB123's avatar
    LEB123 Author
    It totally depends what you're looking for really. The pixel has a far superior processor, more ram and a better camera. The Samsung has a much better screen, bigger battery, faster charging. The Samsung is a bigger phone too which is either a positive or negative depending on what you're after. Personally I'd go for the pixel between the two of them if my budget allowed for it. The pixel is quite a lot more expensive currently though too.
  4. 28081947's avatar
    Looking for a replacement for my A52 5g as the battery doesn't last a day.

    On the trade in front does it have to be a smartphone
    bozo007's avatar
    Try switching off 5G. Given the mediocre signal quality in my neighbourhood, switching off 5G improved battery life and the 4G+ speed is fantastic.
  5. nermand's avatar
    Sorry what is EPP, please?
    piosur's avatar
    Employees Purchase Program
  6. searched74_'s avatar
    What are these 10% eBay/twitter discount codes? How do I get one?
    addsimpson's avatar
    I made a video showing how to get the free codes from Twitter

  7. foxxes's avatar
    Damn no wireless charing on this model huh.
  8. SmashingK's avatar
    Claimed cashback on the SSD deal from the other day. Anyone know if I'm able to claim cashback on this too?
    LEB123's avatar
    LEB123 Author
    Yes, maximum 4 claims per household
  9. itchyone's avatar
    This seems better spec than my A71. Why they confusing me by having smaller number as better spec.
    I_Zebra's avatar
    phones are improving all The time. The A54 is new the A71 came out about 3 years ago. On Samsung's A series phones the first number tells you how the phone ranks according to other phones of the same vintage (higher is better). The second number gives the age of the phone. So A54 is this year, A53, A33, A23 are last year, A52 etc 2 years old. A51 is 3 years old and A40 is 4 years old.
  10. ashington's avatar
    Thats more like it. It was too expensive when it was first released
    ashington's avatar
    £204 after the cashback
  11. runnybabbit's avatar
    I recall the A52s was great and basically invalidated the A53. Does this fare any better?
    Daves_mate's avatar
    I'm typing this on my A52s 5G and feeling slightly smug 😏 Guess the ideal phone would be if they release the A54s.
  12. Deals.Fiend's avatar
    You also get a free silicone case with this deal too now.
    Msn_2080's avatar
  13. Max293's avatar
    Does anyone know when the cash back is applied please?
  14. Billy_Boy's avatar
    Would this be any better or worse than my 2 year old S21?
    plewis00's avatar
    As a rule of thumb, it’s rarely advantageous to go from a relatively recent S series to an A series unless the S is damaged, worn out/broken or needs security updates and won’t get more. The S series are often still quicker with better camera setups - though not always the case.
  15. nermand's avatar
    Hi Guys,
    Just ordered A54 yesterday, anyone knows a difference between A54 and A54 Enterprise Edition? Worth to cancel and go with an Enterprise Edition?

    I_Zebra's avatar
    Enterprise edition is used for work phones so the IT department decides what software is installed such as Microsoft outlook and other fun stuff. They schedule updates. They will remotely wipe the phone if you lose it. I'm not sure there's any benefit for a personal phone.
  16. searched74_'s avatar
    I don't need to use a student account with this deal, right?
    LEB123's avatar
    LEB123 Author
  17. goldenboot's avatar
    A word of caution, it doesn't include all versions of the A54 noted on the cashback webpage. Wanted the A54 256gb and it was confirmed via live chat that it was excluded from the cashback promotion. Just the 128gb version applies
    sajjid.balolia's avatar
    Really? The site says all variants on the cashback offer...
  18. MugBoy's avatar
    Has anyone managed to get one of the twitter 'refer-a-friend' 10% codes working today? I can't get the price down to £214.10 (edited)
    Solidcancer07's avatar
    I sent you one via DM, so the links still work.
  19. DiscoDave57's avatar
    Can you get this deal+EPP discount?
    t3r4's avatar
    Yes I've ordered a 256GB A54 on EPP and it's eligible for both trade in and cashback. You don't get the free phone case though
  20. Y33zy's avatar
    I would really really appreciate if someone could summarise what the cheapest way to get this phone is. Buying for a family member.

    There are lots of comments about what is and isn't valid and seems to be changing daily.

    Don't mind paying couple pounds more for 256gb. I have access to EPP.
    Are there any spare 10% codes going?

    Thanks! (edited)
    albertoalberta's avatar
    I got the 256gb one for £359 using 10% code and £100 trade in with a free silicon case (would be £350ish on EPP but couldn't figure add silicon case or 10% code with EPP)
    after £100 Samsung cash back, this brings it down to £259
    Additionally got 1% cash back through revolut (£3.59 lol)
    Also possible 8% cashback through Quidco (though unsure if this is guaranteed having used 10% code)
    So if cashback comes through, total effective cost would be ~£228 which I'm pretty pleased with
    But knowing HUKD I'm sure someone else will have managed to get it down further...
  21. just-harry's avatar
    I would be grateful if someone could send me a twitter 'refer-a-friend' 10% code.

    addsimpson's avatar
    See my video on how to get codes here

    Codes don't work on purchases from the employee or student portal. However, the trade in value for a broken phone is higher on the regular site so best not to use the discount portal for this one.
  22. JazzySnake's avatar
    "256GB version can be had for 10p more via EPP" - Can someone confirm if this is still the case? Coming up as £50 more on EPP for me.
    geordie7's avatar
    I got the 256GB version for £259.10.
    That's the best price I could obtain..
    10% Twitter voucher code. £100 off samsung.com trade in. £100 off samsung.com cash back.
    + £18.98 Topcashback which I doubt I'll get. but if I did. would make the phone £240.12. (edited)
  23. 1988dave's avatar
    How do you get twitter vouchers?
    geordie7's avatar
    Sign in to Twitter then type in search field .. 10% off samsung.com
    Click on link, usually 10 codes at any given time, randomly about 3 or 3 times per day.
  24. DW79's avatar
    This compared to Galaxy S9+?

    This compared to Galaxy S9+? (edited)
    Yo_Yo's avatar
    A brand new Ford Focus vs an aging Ford Sierra.
    Hope it makes sense.
  25. I_Zebra's avatar
    I have the predecessor to this phone (the A53) Samsung did the same thing -halve the price of the phone shortly after release. It crept up after that. Similar phone, good battery life and camera good screen and robust build. The A54 will ship with Android 13 and Samsung promise 4 major OS updates and 5 years security updates. I think this model will also receive updates early. The A53 did sometimes at the same time as the S series phones. Voted hot.
    nonooney's avatar
    Camera is not the best I the league and not close to the S series. Its an improvement from A53 but similar to A52s.
  26. 164ek's avatar
    Anyone know where to find the 10% twitter codes?
    addsimpson's avatar
    I made a video explaining how to get discount codes

  27. 28081947's avatar
    If you have access to student beans you can get the 256 phone for the same price as the 128, but I am not sure if you would be able to claim the cashback - however the trade in option is there.

    Can anyone confirm if the cashback could be claimed there seems to be some confusion
    on this link hotukdeals.com/dea…502

    Thanks in advance
  28. ali_da1's avatar
    @LEB123 do you when this deal will expire? Need a new phone for a gift in a bout two weeks wanted to see if there is any other offers till then.
    Msn_2080's avatar
    Ditto same
  29. Zigma's avatar
    Been waiting for this. Thanks for the post.
  30. dunwich's avatar
    Ordered Thanks for posting OP.
    LEB123's avatar
    LEB123 Author
    You're very welcome and enjoy
  31. mrbumpismyhero's avatar
    Has anyone actually claimed the cashback on the 256gb version? Going through my perks at work and the price comes down to £449.10, then £130 trade in (doesn't seem to work on 128gb version, only offered £30) so with cashback it'd be £219.10
    Steven_EllenGIY's avatar
    I have claimed and went through fine. Bought the 256gb, claimed £100 back on a phone and £100 on the cashback offer. Both gone through perfectly fine
  32. Cheapskates's avatar
    The speaker offer appears to have gone, it shows up but doesn’t add to the basket
  33. emptypocketz's avatar
    Can you trade it any mobile phone even a broken old one and get £100 cash back?
    emptypocketz's avatar
    edited, was wrong has to be able to switch on and holds charge. (edited)
  34. 1988dave's avatar
    Its not any phone...the phone needs to be able to turn on for them to accept it
    emptypocketz's avatar
    Right you are, re-edited post.

    Am sure 1-2 others on the other s23 thread said they used faulty android burner phones and it worked also.

    Maybe best to not chance it and use an android phone that goes on and charges still a 13 quid on ebay.
  35. Mark153's avatar
    Thanks for tips MugBoy and geordie7 - I managed to get a code from a recent tweet and have done a £100 trade-in on an old LG phone I found.

    I was given a 10% link to tweet as well - not sure if it will work for anyone on here, but hopefully no harm in sharing the link here:
  36. Dillz_'s avatar
    Trade in drops to £50 on employee portal but they drop the phone price.

    Samsung is such a trick, literally works out same via site (edited)
    LEB123's avatar
    LEB123 Author
    £100 on the 256GB model, worth it if you have access

    £0.1 more I think (edited)
  37. 999kernow's avatar
    whats epp please
  38. LEB123's avatar
    LEB123 Author
    Probably not really, if you buy from Samsung with the discount code and topcashback tracks too it'll end up being around £183 so they could be making a tidy profit
  39. Raiper's avatar
    Seems like a good deal! Heat! Topcashback tracked as well £17.46.
    Sdos2345's avatar
    Did you select 3% for mobiles
  40. Moapple's avatar
    £100 cashback not showing up on website?
    LEB123's avatar
    LEB123 Author

    Take your pick from our selected products listed below and purchase from a participating retailer between 1st June - 4th July 2023.

    Submit your claim within 30 days of your purchase date to be eligible for a cashback reward.

    Claims are limited to a maximum of 4 per household.

    Please note: All relevant products must have been purchased SIM-free to qualify for this promotion. Products purchased on a contract will be not be eligible for a reward.

    Please see below for a list of all qualifying products and their corresponding cashback reward values.

    https://samsung-offers.claims/summercashback2023/en-GB (edited)
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