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Posted 8 May 2024

Samsung Galaxy A55 256gb + Galaxy Buds FE EPP/Student Store

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There might be a mistake in the pricing, but I already ordered one. There is a promotion to get A55 and Buds FE for 328 pounds (or A55 and Buds2 pro for 360 pounds). I thought that was only working for the 128 GB model, but when I added the 256 GB model, the price hadn't changed. It's also a good deal for a 128GB model but a free upgrade for 256 GB. Mine was dispatched so I think it is good to share.
- This also works for Buds2 Pro (price will be 360), I put the screenshot for it. Another addition is trade-in is not changing the price.
Samsung More details at

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  1. ineedtv's avatar
    I wouldn't pay more than £250 for this phone (yes 256GB + Buds FE). Apparently Samsung are struggling with sales (along with other phone makers of course) since consumers are holding to their phones for longer. These aggressive pricing strategies will only get better if you hold on a bit more. Consumers will win. (edited)
    cv65user2014's avatar
    i bought this a55, 256gb + buds fe at 328,. was contemplating over pixel 8 or second hand s23 ultra .
    last second hand phone I bought intermittently rebooted itself so never again.
    my requirement is sd card + decent camera, I couldnt see any other decent phone that gave me this. not even these xaoimi/pocco ones.
  2. small.small87's avatar
    Please can anyone confirm if the £50 cashback promotion still applies? (edited)
    Danger_Mouse's avatar
    Ended 16th April
  3. smudgemobile's avatar
    Congratulations on your 1st deal
    billieyuksel's avatar
    Thanks, looks a bit messy though. (edited)
  4. rh_hassan's avatar
    Camera any good?
    billieyuksel's avatar
    Don't expect S24 level of good but it has a good camera for the price range. There is a review on gsmarena: m.gsmarena.com/sam…php
  5. rahhjarr's avatar
    It looks like there is £50 guaranteed trade in which makes this a much better deal.
    billieyuksel's avatar
    I couldn't make that work, working but it is not changing the price.
  6. PurpleNurple's avatar
    Thanks for that, just ordered for my son
  7. DopeyDunker's avatar
    Nice deal. Good price for the 256gb version especially.
  8. Alice_Thomson's avatar
    Good first find and post OP! I have the A55 and its a well nifty phone for that price. Really nice specs and last model with a jack!
  9. need2talk2yaqoob's avatar
    I'm getting £328 with BLC for Galaxy Buds FE, Graphite
    Galaxy A55 5G, Awesome Navy, 256 GB (edited)
  10. cv65user2014's avatar
    huge thanks, bought a55, 256gb with buds fe at 328
    i am upgrading from s8 plus! (edited)
  11. little_green's avatar
    do i have to be a student to get this deal? what's EPP?
    Danger_Mouse's avatar
    I bought this deal from the normal Samsung site and used a 10% discount code I bought from eBay for £4, total price £312.70 + £4
  12. kris1234's avatar
    Not sure why no 12gb available in Europe .  Just back from Thailand . It’s same price in Thailand ( even cheaper if you claim tax return at airport ), but 12gb. I know you all say we are in UK . Ok agree . Just trying to understand how Asian market it’s different to Europe with only 8gb available . 
    cv65user2014's avatar
    ive bought 256gb version, isnt this 12gb ram ? site doesnt say
  13. DarkyR7's avatar
    A35 £261, similar deal. 256gb storage and free buds FE
  14. tavi.moreno's avatar
    Tried to order from Samsung exactly the same model. First time they took the money (paid in full) and after 6h they emailed me that i didn’t pass they’re rigurous security check and second time from different card but same name (mine) they did the same but not returned the money yet. Good job, Samsung !
  15. James's avatar
    Hey thanks for taking the time to post and share your first deal with the community!
  16. Burnley_Lad's avatar
    Chaddy171's avatar
    One with a Championship logo on the back? 😄
  17. catscatty's avatar
    Does anyone know where I can get a code from. Sadly do not know any students. Did try via Lebara but the price is much higher...they've discounted from the original RRP price. Thank you
  18. MXRRXM's avatar
    This was one of my best glitchy Samsung buys yet. I never bothered going to the EPP store and just went to the normal store.

    Bizarrely, the 256GB model combined with any of the earbuds was always cheaper than when combined with the 128GB model. So not only was the individual cost of the phone cheaper when combined but the buds were too. First bonus.

    Then I added both the Buds FE and the Buds 2 Pro to the basket with the 256GB model at the same time and it double discounted the phone.

    Then I added a 10% code and and a 15% birthday code and I think they discounted the phone as a % of the the full price and not the current discounted basket price of the phone.

    So in the end I managed to purchase the phone for £70.74, with the Buds FE costing £46.99, the Buds 2 Pro costing £73.36 and I chucked in a Standing Grip Case for £25.50.

    Earned £10.83 in Samsung Rewards points, £2.08 cash back from using my Chase card which is technically 8p short but who's counting, and have £10.33 pending from Top cash back but not guaranteed.

    So potentially paid as low as £193.35 all in.

    Another bonus was that trying to trade in a phone just increased the price so no need to stress about that either.

    Order has all been dispatched so happy days.

    52737766-5l5bb.jpg (edited)
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  19. parmi120's avatar
    anyone have any refer a friend codes?
    Lexaua's avatar
    doesn't work on EEP/Students portal
  20. cv65user2014's avatar
    does anyone know if i can return? even though i have opened buds (paired) and used phone / (installed apps and signed into google on it )?
    Lexaua's avatar
    Call Customer service and ask. More likely yes, but check
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