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Posted 27 October 2022

Samsung Galaxy A70 128GB 6GB Mobile Phone Refurbished Good £99 / Huawei P30 Lite £79.20 / Galaxy A50 £79.20 With Code @ GiffGaff / Ebay

£99£11010% off
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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Three cracking prices, plenty of stock available of the a70 and p30 lite, 5 available of the A50

P30 Lite - ebay.co.uk/itm…368
A50 - ebay.co.uk/itm…826

giffgaff refurbished conditions explained:

All giffgaff refurbished phones are fully cleaned and tested (incl. battery, touchscreen, camera, etc.) by our suppdivers, to ensure they are in 100% working condition.

  • Good condition: Noticeable wear and tear. This phone might have light marks on the body and screen. But it will run beautifully.
  • Very good condition: Some wear and tear. This phone might have light marks on the body. But the screen is pristine.
  • Excellent condition: Minor wear and tear. This phone has seen some light use. But the body and screen are pristine.
  • Like new condition: Zero wear and tear. This phone looks and works like new. With no visible signs of use on the body and screen.

How will my phone be shipped?

All our devices will be shipped on a next day service with DPD. To reduce waste, giffgaff refurbished phones are shipped in a slimline, fully recyclable box containing:

Your chosen phone

A USB charging cable

SIM tray pin (if needed)

What does our warranty cover?
  • Faulty software
  • Internal parts gone haywire
  • Battery issues
  • Accessories included with your phone

What isn't covered?

  • Broken screens
  • Water damage
  • Rooting or unauthorised modification of software

That's all, folks. Just what you need to get going.

Note: giffgaff refurbished phones might not come with the original manufacturer's accessories. Any previous repairs might not include official manufacturer's parts.

Features & details

  • Impressive design with infinity-u display and super AMOLED technology
  • Optical fingerprint scanner in the display for easy unlocking
  • Versatile recording options with triple main camera
  • 32 MP front camera for successful selfies
  • Long battery life with the powerful 4.500 mAh1 battery

The Galaxy A70 makes a strong figure, if in addition to an attractive design and a good performance and the recording of impressive photos and videos is in demand. The almost frameless infinity display merges into a classically shiny case, which lies comfortably in the hand due to its slim design and the rounded edges. The display itself shines with its intense colors and high contrast thanks to Super AMOLED technology. Share photos and videos as a reminder or share It's versatile with the Galaxy A70. Both the wide-angle lens of the triple main camera and the front camera are available with a high resolution of 32 MP. With the ultra-wide-angle and the deep-focus lens, the main camera offers more photographic options. A strong equipment completes the performance of the Galaxy A70. These include a high-capacity battery that can also be charged quickly, the smart assistant Bixby3, as well as the optical fingerprint scanner integrated into the display.
eBay More details at eBay

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    What's their grading like switchy you posted a70 few days ago any one got it in what condition
    Which one you pick out of these (edited)
    I had a A70 on release via a mrswitch posted deal. I would never have one again due to the camera and underscreen fingerprint reader BUT I did stick with it for approx 2 years (I'm a glutton for punishment and sweat my assets!!).

    The screen is lovely on the A70 and software experience is solid and it's great in the hand. Pics a bit mushy sometimes/always.

    So if camera not top of your list then go for the A70.

    If camera is important then I would hang fire for another Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro deal which will cost £20-£30 more but long term I think you would be happier.

    I moved from A70 to RN10Pro and very happy all round.
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    Are the phones locked to Giffgaff or can you use anything
    Giffgaff phones were always unlocked
  3. Avatar
    @MrSwitch Do you know if 4gadgets have stopped selling phones on their website? All phones on their own website show up as "Out of Stock". They are, however, still active on eBay.
    They are currently in the process of moving over to a new website bud, so will be back up and running soon I'd imagine
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    I have this phone, use as a back-up. The screen is OLED and lovely and battery life is very decent. The SOC is not the fastest, but gets the job done. For £99 and if you get a good 'un, it's definitely a deal.

    Yep very good phone. I remember buying this for 4x the price!
  5. Avatar
    I have the Samsung A50. It's an excellent phone. The only phone I've had with no lag on it when using apps.
  6. Avatar
    Bought A70 yesterday morning, arrived this morning.
    Looks good, yet to be tested but fingers crossed everything is fine with it.
  7. Avatar
  8. Avatar
    Lovely price on the P30 Lite
  9. Avatar
    Some good prices there for people looking for a smartphone that's not expensive but will still do most things ♨️
  10. Avatar
    Any of them a worthy upgrade from a p20 pro? MrSwitch?
    Na mate, only real way is updates bar the p30 lite
  11. Avatar
    Thanks Switchy (If I may call you that), Bought the A70 - seems the best of the 3 but it I am curious which one you thought to be the best value.
    P30 lite
    Buy it andif not good sell it to CEX for £94 some profit there
  12. Avatar
    Is the p30 lite wireless charge?
    no mate
  13. Avatar
    Guys need help…. I have an iPhone 11 Pro but money is rubbish so I’m gonna sell the phone to get some cash and then buy a cheap phone is the P30 the best for my money? (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Which is a good replacement from the redmi note 10s please?
  15. Avatar
    @MrSwitch Is the A70 a good phone? I’m helping and trying to find a phone for an elderly relative to replace an aging Samsung J3 with a budget of £100, this looks ideal? The A71 also looked great but now out of stock!
  16. Avatar
    @MrSwitch This or a brand new A13 5g (lack of 5G is not a problem)
    I mean A70 or A13 (the mother in law is a samsung fan) i would always go for Xiaomi, My first Xiaomi was a note 4 and everyone now has a xiaomi on the family (except her, i tried twice and had to retrurn them)
  17. Avatar
    Switchy is A70 worth replacing an honor 10?
  18. Avatar
    Might just return my redmi 9at.. bought it to pair with my home devices but the 2gb ram is absolutely woeful. Keeps "stuttering" when trying to open and close apps.
  19. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    Ordered a Galaxy A71 from them recently after seeing the post on here about it, they never handed the phone to the courier, I requested to cancel it instead on Thursday morning and they replied they would, Thursday evening comes and the order still wasn't canceled so I contacted them again asking if there is an issue, they said they had canceled it when they clearly hadn't.

    Have now opened a case with ebay to get my money back, if you check their negative feedback history they seem to have a recent habit of doing this *exact* thing to people too, I expected better from Giffgaff but apparently their ebay account is being run by someone who is incompetent and shouldn't be in the job.
    Sigh, ordered 6 phones under 2 orders, received only 2 phones.

    Order 1:

    A50 Blue
    A70 Black
    A70 Blue

    Order 2:

    A50 Black
    P30 Lite Blue
    P30 Lite Black

    I've only received the A50's and the tracking number on the orders only states one parcel per order. Absolute circus show from them and now I've got to get onto eBay to get them to refund me for the other phones.
  20. Avatar
    Samsung A70 is out of stock.
  21. Avatar
    My order's just been cancelled....