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Posted 12 July 2022

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Wireless Headphones Phantom Violet (UK Version) £99 Prime Day @ Amazon

£99£13929% off
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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Claim £75 when you recycle your old tech with Samsung. Making it £24 for the buds.

Today (12th July) is the last day for the cash back. Make sure to buy it before midnight if you want to claim the £75.

Deal of the day for Prime Members: Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Wireless Headphones Phantom Violet (UK Version)
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    Can someone provide the link for the cashback please. Many thanks (edited)
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    Hey folks (guys), how do you find the colour on this one? I know it is 2022 and no-one gives a damn about anything (plus it's a personal choice) but is the colour too feminine?
    I have sealed black and violet. Not sure which one to keep/sell without opening the box.
    I've switched from the lavender buds2 to the purple pros.

    The colour is fine. I never considered them feminine. Go with your preference rather than how they are perceived.
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    This again
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    Is there a list of qualifying products to trade in? I saw it says somewhere headphones wired so does this mean I could send in my cheap set of unbranded wired headphones and still get the trade in reward?

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    £75 for any old headphone so buds will end up costing you £25 (edited)
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    Can you just pop an old pair of headphones in the jiffy bag provided and stick them in a postbox, or do you need to go to a post office and pay for postage? Not sure how it works exactly.

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    Thanks for the reply! Much appreciated!
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    Sound is good, but terrible ear fit on these, I preferred the ones before it

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    We all have different shaped ears. It's all about the shape and tips. Problem with TWS is the case don't usually have much space for none stock tips such as larger memory foam.
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    thanks ordered
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    16627470451657651618.jpgLooks like lilac are gone now. Expired (edited)

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    Gone again lol
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    I've ordered. Suggesting 11 August for delivery? Just to make people aware, I've got cashback from samsung twice previously but its never been straightforward. Had to phone them several times on both occasions but got it in the end. I swore last time I would never do another Samsung cashback but the offer was too good to turn down

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    Wouldn't be surprised if they come out a bit earlier. As long as they arrive before the end of the 30 days (even on the day) and you've got your trade-in ready you'll only need 5 mins to complete the cashback. If it arrives after, I'll just return the buds!
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    I've had three claims accepted for earbuds, an SSD, and a Galaxy Watch 4.

    All three bags have arrived but what I don't understand is how they tie the bag and label up to the claim.

    I returned the items with the packing slip which came with the bags with my name and address highlighted, and the 'RET' number which appears to be unique.

    Hope I've done it right!!

    - D

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    One of the reasons I included it was all the bags arrived together so I wasn't sure which label was for which claim and I didn't want to give them any chance to reject the claim!

    Anyway, they've been delivered to Ingram so let's see what happens!
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    i think the samsung trade-in thing has expired now, double check before rushing in folks
    47788047-QXPDJ.jpgStill good

    Blimey, that's big (That's what she ...) (edited)
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    Yep, anything is fine. Send some old wired rubbish and they were accepted as fine.
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    Not keen on the colour but worth £25 to see if I can be persuaded by how they are otherwise. That or I might sell them on/give away…
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    Should merge this with the other post
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    Do Samsung pay the £75 directly into your bank account?
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    how is the noise cancelation in them, as I have one samsung galaxy buds and people can hear background noise clearly but my voice
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    How do you get around not having the serial number till delivered if purchased today?
    Wait for it to be delivered and claim then.
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    the list of items mentions Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Phantom Black...isnt this one phantom Violet
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    Wish the black one was still available, but ordered the violet one. Cheers
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    Thanks ordered while it was £99. Now waiting for delivery to claim back £75. Heat Thanks OP
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    So earbuds arrived today, but when i try to submit the cashback claim, the Samsung website refuses to accept the serial number (from the label on the box / app). It appears to be expecting a 10 character serial number (where as the serial number e.g. RFARA2345GZ) has 11 characters, so I can't enter the last character - and it then tells me to 'enter a valid serial number.

    Anyone else had this issue / found a solution?
    Just submitted my claim fine, 11 character serial number aswell. Perhaps try a different browser?? (did mine on PC)
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    Anyone know if the earphones you send to them can be broken? Such as one side not working
    Yes. According to the FAQ, as long as you send the right device type (earphones in this case), you will get cashback, even if they are broken.
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    Anyone had any update on the cashback from Samsung?
    Return item got approved. Waiting for fund to credit to my account. Thanks a lot OP.
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    Just submitted my claim and got an approval mail within few minutes.