SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10.1" Tablet - 16 GB £399 and after cash back £242.89 @ Currys
SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10.1" Tablet - 16 GB £399 and after cash back £242.89 @ Currys

SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10.1" Tablet - 16 GB £399 and after cash back £242.89 @ Currys

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hello peeps..

here we go...

a bit a of calculations to get to the actual price..

(btw just spoke to them overthe phone and got the price confirmed )

heres a sketch

currys : £ 399
tesco : £ 318
diff : £ 81
10 % of the diff (price promise ) £ 8.10
so, so far , it comes to £ 318 - 8.10 = £ 309.9

now to be eligible for £80 cash back, one has to be a tablet case along with the tablet, the cheapest one is for £ 12.99

so the price comes to £ 309.99 + 12.99 = £322.89, thats supposed to be paid today....
and then one can claim cash back £ 80 ( £30 from currys, £50 from samsung )


product details..

ake the most of innovative, chic tablet use with a difference thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Tablet. Magnificent multitasking This tablet PC features a quad-core processor, with Android™ Ice Cream Sandwich powering effortless multitasking capabilities, and a 16 GB hard drive (expandable via the microSD slot) offering excellent levels of storage. The Samsung Galaxy Note offers inventive use with the multiscreen button, meaning you can do two things at once without having to minimise the first screen. Do homework and have your notes up at the same time, watch a film and find out information about the actors, there is really no limitation to what you can do. Precise S-Pen performance The versatile S-Pen offers an innovative way of sketching, drawing, or completing other creative tasks. The Galaxy Note Tablet recognises what you pen on to the screen and converts it into on-screen text, accurately recognising your pen strokes. This Samsung tablet PC also comes with Adobe® PhotoShop® Touch allowing you to create dazzling multilayered images and apply professional effects. Versatile functions This tablet PC boasts two cameras, ideal for chatting on the web or capturing the moment as a snap or movie. There is of course the wide range of apps available from the Google Play™ Store to enhance the use of your tablet, giving you great options and things to keep yourself busy. If you are lost or need directions then utilise the GPS functionality and guide yourself to your destination, the Samsung Galaxy Note has it covered. Your WiFi is boosted too thanks to the WiFi Channel Bonding feature, using two bonded channels instead of one so you can access web-based information in half the usual time. For stunning, portable and flexible computing, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Tablet.

Product code: 023505


What proof of tescos price do they ask for? page print out? Presumably you have to go instore to show it to them?

Hot it's not

Why? good price isn't it?

a bit late you may be, but I appreciate the simplified calculations for the dimwit that I am. thanks.

Already highlighted and technically speaking can be had cheaper with choice of a cheaper case - it doesn't say anywhere that it has to be for the tablet in question. Good tablet and good price though for something that'll make Apple want to look for another court order over :-)

i was gonna order from currys but was told by the manager that if they price match it wouldnt be eligible for the £80 cashback. anyone ordering needs to double check this as no point in ordering if they aint price matching

Why is everyone voting this cold?


Why is everyone voting this cold?

I was cold but heating has now kicked in but thanks for your concern chap :-)

ok can someone please confirm they have purchased this deal.. firstly i went into pc world store after work today and asked about the price match, he said he wont do it, no explanation why, very rude. then i called up and the lady (also very rude) said the deal has to be exactly the same terms, plus the fact that you get 80 pounds off when you buy a case brings it to the same price. i dont know what im supposed to say to that... any suggestions?
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No reason to decline cashback if your receipt shows both the galaxy note and a case then it meets criteria for full £80 cashback. Nowhere does it state in t&cs that the price of the note HAS to be £399, to qualify the tablet has to be £200 or more which at pricematching of £318 it is and that the case has to be £9.99 or greater. If you decide to buy from currys/pcworld then I would suggest you print up the t&cs now just in case.
They cannot use pricematching to decline their £30 cashback portion as it is 2 different t&cs and if you get them to pricematch thats the hardest battle done. The cashback is in effect a different department and as I said your receipt matches their requirements
To make it easier to pricematch Tesco instore and online is showing the price of Note as £318 where as yesterday they advertised full amount then took discount off at checkout

2 x t&cs

For £30 Cashback

for pricematching

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thanks silverhighlights, i shall try again tomorrow.

what about if they raise the bit in the t&c about it being 'offered on the same terms'. since currys is offering £80 with the purchase of a case, then she said its not deemed the same.

Just a point not made yet, the £80 cashback is £30 from PCW/Currys and £50 from Samsung. The Samsung bit should be paid no matter what deal anyone does anywhere.

Thanks Silverhighlights I printed off both t&c and went to currys to purchase the 10" samsung galaxy tablet and at first they did say I don't think we can price match with Tescos, but I showed them the printed off t&c (which clearly has Tesco's on it) and they price matched it plus 10% off on price match difference. I did end up going for a more expensive case as the £12.99 was a floppy fabric case, but I would of got a hard case anyway. They said I just need to fill in my receipt details online to get my £80 cash back, which I am yet to do, that is my next job. So thank you all for saving me loads of money, I came across your chat accidently and have never used this before, I am so glad I did now, thank you / thank you / thank you

My costings:-

£299.99 Curry Price
£238.00 Tescos Price
£ 6.10 10% price difference
£ 29.99 for case
£ 80.00 Cash Back
£181.89 Total paid - (but if you had the £12.99 case it would be £164.80)

an update. i ordered one today, i guess it depends who you speak to. they priced matched no problem, so with the £35 case ive paid £345 and i assume the £80 cash back is still valid, so final price is 265. not bad at all....

Or keep your eyes peeled on amazon, they've had the 3g version of this for £299.99 plus £50 flashback every few weeks since September

Edit in fact the 3g version10.1 is £299 right now plus extra £50 cashback

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Careful ! The OP is talking about a galaxy note - you are talking about a galaxy tab. Very dfferent beasts


Careful ! The OP is talking about a galaxy note - you are talking about … Careful ! The OP is talking about a galaxy note - you are talking about a galaxy tab. Very dfferent beasts

D'oh my bad!!!!

Original Poster

am wondering how come this deal is gone absolutely cold ! well, if you google it and so far the is the best price for Galaxy Note 10.1 ...to me seems like guys are getting confused between galaxy tab 10.1...

by far this is the cheapest price i have come across ....online or off line.....

Hi im wanting to grab this deal but i noticed in the T&C it states it must be offered by same terms, and i dont think it is cos u are getting £80 cash back from currys, and not from Tesco, so how do i get round that one? what shall i say to them when they point this out?

hi cherylg, just keep calling up until you get through to someone who will put it through. once you get the price promise sorted, the £80 discount given is through another department so no reason why they wouldnt give it, im going to call customer services to clarify once it is delivered. be careful of the cases tho, there was only 2 available so i went for the more expensive belkin £35 version but after looking at the review, it looks like its for the tab 2 so the rubber bit covers the spen. i will be taking it back and exchanging it for the cheaper zip pouch and buying an additional one from ebay, good luck.

Thanks for ur reply younis7, took me so long to reply as im new to this and couldnt find the thread again! DOH! i went to currys on Friday night but after lots of hassle they sent me home to find a tesco store with stock as they couldnt find any on tesco website, so i went home and found a store within 30 miles that had 25 galaxy notes and 45 samsung tab2 so off i went back to currys with this info in hand and again after alot of hassle i finally got, not one tablet with this great offer but two!!! and also treated myself to a galaxy note!! you are only allowed one deal per person but they gave me two and i had a friend with me to buy the third one for me!! so i am mega chuffed!! and would like to say a huge thanks to the person who started this thread!!! and to u younis7 for ur reply, i was rather nervous about going instore to try argue this out and argue was exactly what i had to do, they seemed rather confused by it all and not keen to give me offer but they did and im so happy!!! thanks again!!!
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