Samsung Galaxy Note, £21/month for 24 months, 100mins, Unltd Txts, 750MB Data with TMobile through (21x24 = 504-30TCB=474 over 24months = 19.75)

Samsung Galaxy Note, £21/month for 24 months, 100mins, Unltd Txts, 750MB Data with TMobile through (21x24 = 504-30TCB=474 over 24months = 19.75)

Found 2nd Apr 2012
Different from previous post of Galaxy NOte, that was Orange and 20.50 with 500MB.

This one is 750MB Data, 100 minutes and Unlimited Texts on tmobile which is a decent enough network. NO REDEMPTION and NO CASHBACKS ETC. just 21/month on a 24 month contract for a good phone.

TCB and QUIDCO both are offering around 30 cashback and if successful, it will drop is down to 19.75 per month for a very decent and high end phone/tablet hybrid.

For more specs on the phone, google it or check on Samsung website. If anyone has a better deal, please post through as many people like me are looking to buy one and if nothing else comes up, I will take this one.

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I think buymobilephones are banned on this site due to self promotion or something.
if they are banned then the site moderators don't allow you to post their deals at all... they are not banned.

Heat added. Not sure why this has gone cold as it seems to be the cheapest deal around at the moment for the Note The Orange £20.50 deal is no longer available with a free phone.

I wonder if the £120 Samsung multi-media promotion has been extended? The other thread suggested it expired on 31st March but it is still being promoted on the website.

I am tempted but I think I'll hold on for a while longer as the new phones due out in the next few weeks might bring prices down further.

Good deal otherwise
Noticed t-mobile charge for answerphone! Only apply to this price plan? Have a look yourself by click on the (i) information icon.
Isnt it cheaper getting it sim free

Isnt it cheaper getting it sim free

Might be but you still need to buy sim contract to use the phone - one that provides the same amount of minutes, texts and data as this deal will cost at least £10 per month.

Good spot OP and very surprised this is cold - best deal at the moment for this phone. Thanks for taking the time to post and don't let the cold votes put you off posting other deals. This deal deserves to be hot - a great handset with a perfectly adequate allowance all for £21 per month and no redemptions to worry about.
thanks stuart9787, it is a big relief to know that atleast someone appreciates that this is cheapest deal available at the moment.

I still dont understand how does the psychology of the voters work here on this site ? anyone with a deep insight into what people vote cold and what hot ?
I just ordered one, hot deal T-mobile better than orange, 750mb better than 500mb, got 32 pounds from TopCashBack. Converted my long PAYG status to contract just for this phone. Tariff is good for me to stay for two years. You can wait for the iPhone 5 for 45 pounds per month in six month time or this phone for £21 now.
Awesome phone, good price op.
3 degrees warm enough for me . . . .
Only other half decent deal I've seen on the Note if you need more minutes is via Phones4U, third or fourths ones on here maybe…ote

Heat added.
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Admittedly, this is only any good for upgraders, but got one today for free and they let me keep my previous price plan (£30.64pm, 900 mins, 500 texts (unlimited with my free booster), 3GB data). It was better than any other deal I was seeing out there and I don't ever go over my balance. Couldn't see the point of paying an extra £150 over the course of the contract for Full Monty, which I'll never use.

(This was T-Mobile btw, who don't stock the Note as yet, but can provide them via Chitter Chatter.)
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Heat added. Nice one. Ordered it today so should be here tomorrow. Was looking for one with more data and texts than minutes as I rarely talk on the mobile. Went in to town and had a look at one first as it seems huge but it is hardly any bigger than a flip top blackberry and fits in my pocket easily. It just looks like a slab of glass with a beautiful screen. Ordered a case and 32gb microsd card from amazon as well so should be well set in a few days. Thanks again.

Update. It arrived at 10:00 this morning. Box was mint with both seals on. A truly beautiful piece of kit. And it does fit in my pocket.

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it has 3GB wifi when activated and £120 samsung sound track and movies. Activate wifi, found T-mobile WiFi App on Apple Store, see comments there: sent "OPEN" to 9526
This offer doesn't have enough love. It's fantastic for those of you who don't make a lot of calls.The only deal that came near it was the Phones4U one mentioned above - which, although it had 100 minutes more, only had 250mb. When you inevitably run out of the 250mb, O2 will charge you your first born for the data charges.T-Mobile simply slow you down if you run out of the 750mb mentioned here.Bought one for the OH. Have used Buymobilephones before when I bought my Galaxy S (which runs out in June). They seem genuine enough, can't say I used their Customer Service so can't really comment on it.

EDIT: to mention the Phones4U deal is out of stock now and it was a "Bank Holiday Special" so expired.
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Voted hot, because it is. Not enough for me to leave my GiffGaff unlimited data PAYG though.
Can i have this in blue?
I've gone for this deal. Thanks OP.

My San Francisco is on its last legs, and although I'm not overly keen on a contract, it is only £9 more a month than I pay for GiffGaff goody bags.

Just need to find a decent case now.
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