Samsung Galaxy S II on T-mobile £536.22 @ Affordable Mobiles

Samsung Galaxy S II on T-mobile £536.22 @ Affordable Mobiles

Found 14th May 2011
Don't know if this is a hot deal but I have been waiting to find a reasonable 18 month deal on T-mobile, Price requires redemption but also doesn't seem to be incompatible with quidco at £80.

Seems to be a good enough deal not easily found on the affordable mobiles web site.

edit: after quidco and redemption cost is £456..... this is 900 minutes, 500 texts and Mobile internet.for 18 months


How do you navigate to this on the website? I can only see deals for orange on the S2.

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Does anyone have any better deals for T-mobile while they are voting this deal cold to oblivion? Link works fine for me and as I mentioned in the listing you can't really find it on the site. I got referred from another site..? I suppose quidco might not work as you can't navigate to the offer directly on the site? Link I posted was…tml

Sounds like a good deal, esp if cashback tracks

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Quidco tracking confirmation came through pretty quickly. Will update if I get any more info. Maybe they aren't allowed to advertise the T-mobile deals directly on the site because T-mobile aren't meant to have the phone until June? Anyway I've waited my two weeks to hear if there are any disasters of Nokia N97-like proportions and it all seems pretty quiet, so I want my dual core phone!

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people are talking about a related deal here:…-s/
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