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Posted 24 September 2022

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite | 128GB | Unlocked Black Mobile Phone Refurbished Good Condition - £136 @ 4gadgets / Ebay

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Good seller, good phone for the money, good price (I think)

Features & details
  • Super Steady Video: enhanced camera experience with Super Steady OIS
  • True Vision Camera: capture every moment as you see it
  • Infinity-O Display: discover an endlessly beautiful, curved-edge screen
  • Battery: be in charge with our biggest S10 battery

These devices are in Good condition.
There will be some minor signs of wear and tear on the screen and casing.

The previous owner didn’t use a case or screen protector as they weren’t too bothered about minor marks.

These devices are ideal for someone who is not fussed about scratches and only cares about the quality of the software, whilst saving as much as possible.

This device has been fully tested to ensure it is in full working order and has been restored to the latest operating system.
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  1. Avatar
    Decent phone at this money for someone who wants a cheap phone ♨️
  2. Avatar
    How does this compare to something like a Redmi note 10 pro?

    I’m being a cheapskate by not upgrading from an iPhone 7 so far. Something will eventually temp me!
    It don't this is leagues above, you will know that from the first second you hold them.
  3. Avatar
    I vouch for the phone's performance, bought it back in the covid era where there weren't many choices and S10 series was out of stock mostly but overall its a decent phone and for the price sheesh a steal I paid £580 back then
    Me too, still paying for mine.
    Wish I'd waited now, but the Mrs was anxious for me to ditch my "Chinese spy phone"
  4. Avatar
    Another good deal on here today. Good work and a nice find 🔥
    Thanks man, thought I'd lost my touch, still get a confidence knock after all these years
  5. Avatar
    Very good reviews out there. This is Techradar's techradar.com/rev…iew. Android central says "a great phone ruined by a high price". Well with that corrected it seems like a great buy. Very good seller too so you should have no probs there.
  6. Avatar
    Snapdragon 855 for £136! Bargain!
  7. Avatar
    I'd never entertain a refurb phone ever again
    I had one, it lasted years. Wyoa?
  8. Avatar
    Bought one for my dad ages ago. Great phones and for this price, definitely worth it rather than a 21 or 22. You're not getting any essential extra features with them and the 855 is still a great chip.
  9. Avatar
    Crazy price for a quality phone.
  10. Avatar
    Super phone plus external card support, battery life is good and camera is very sharp.
  11. Avatar
    The S10 Lite is probably the best phone I've ever had for the price point. Traded it in on Samsung for a S21 FE...wish I'd kept it! Heat.
  12. Avatar
    "Good seller, good phone for the money, good price"
    .... and good original poster. Have plenty of heat buddy to make up for nothing 😹🔥
    Thanks man.
  13. Avatar
    Battery condition after years of use?
    Prob ruined if its not had a replacement
  14. Avatar
    Bought a s10 5g for £70 ages ago on the famous auction site this is no bargain
    Battered version?
  15. Avatar
    I didn't know 4gadgets was on ebay. I've always gone to their external site.
    Someone left savage feedback based on the good condition one they received
  16. Avatar
    I had one of these before swapping to the S20 FE. While the Snapdragon fe is definitely better, I regretted getting the exynos first. This had a better screen and ran better the exynos and battery lasted longer too.
    Camera was the only real downfall of this phone for me, wasn't bad but is a good step behind current standards
  17. Avatar
    Had one for a few years ,paid about £400, still performing well, great battery life and still due an upgrade I believe. Have been looking for something to upgrade to but can't see anything ss good. (edited)
  18. Avatar
    MrSwitch, you've knocked it out of the park again at this price.
  19. Avatar
    Anyone knows if the phone takes good pictures?
    You won't find a better camera package at the price.
  20. Avatar
    How does this compare to a Xiaomi Note 10 pro? How is this for security due to its age? Thanks in advance.
    Trade in my note 10 pro to CeX for 150 and get the grade b s10 lite
  21. Avatar
    My sister in law got this via my recommendation (as it's not an Exynos junk model). Anyway I installed Gcam on this and omg the difference was probably the biggest improvements I've ever seen on any phone using that app. Of course she preferred the blown out, over exposed and processed version of the selfies rather than the Gcam version
  22. Avatar
    How's this compare to the p30 pro?
    (I don't feel the need to have the "latest" rip off phone so only got the p30 2 years ago and its best phone I've ever had by far so I'm loathe to replace it
    I'd say samsung is better for long term use as they now supply 3 years of android updates (android 13 is gonna be on the s10 lite which is the last system update for the phone but 1 year more for patches etc) so I'd say go with this as I personally use it and it's not bad
  23. Avatar
    I've had this phone for about a year and really like it. Good battery life, camera, processor (for my needs).
  24. Avatar
    Wouldn't this be a better deal with 20% off, bringing it down to £111.91?

    Arguments for both tbh, that's a good price for the S10, bigger battery and better processor may win it over QHD and superior cameras, depends what kind of user you are, I can't use small phones, so the 6.1 Inch on the S10 will feel tiny to me, much prefer the S10 Lite 6.7 incher
  25. Avatar
    Does this little beauty have 5g??
    The S10 has a variant that supports 5G (aptly called the Galaxy S10 5G)
    The standard S10 does not support 5G, and neither does this S10 Lite.
  26. Avatar
    Is it ok to use with a Samsung watch?
  27. Avatar
    Super price
  28. Avatar
    this or a new poco x4 128gb 5g? anyone? thanks in advance
    Get this and change the battery if need be and your in 4K heaven and the rest.
  29. Avatar
    Now up to 180! Should have jumped in at 136...oh well
    I didn’t bite and missed out as well but I’m sure more deals will be posted soon
  30. Avatar
    Shows 180 and 190 now