Samsung Galaxy S2 - Talk Mobile - £30.00p/m - £55 Quidco (for next 2 days) @ e2save
Samsung Galaxy S2 - Talk Mobile - £30.00p/m - £55 Quidco (for next 2 days) @ e2save

Samsung Galaxy S2 - Talk Mobile - £30.00p/m - £55 Quidco (for next 2 days) @ e2save

For anyone who needs a decent amount of minutes this seems like a good deal.

Quidco is £55 for next 2 days on galaxy s2 contracts then goes back to £46

Talk mobile i think use vodafone so should get good coverage and fast speeds


Voted cold as I think there are better deals out there. Just try finding them.

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I thought it gave a nice balance of minutes and data unlike the 500mb i have been finding most of, i know its more expensive than most but as i said for people who use loads of minutes its a pretty good deal

Schizoboy - you do know that they say the galaxy is better than the htc in that link

This is still valid and stocks are due Monday 23rd of May 2011
I think this is a good deal. £459.99 in total for a 12 month contract. I do not want to be tied into a phone contract for any longer than 12 months.

12m x £30 per month:
300 minutes
1000 texts
unlimited *** (1Gb) data)

Paid £154.99 at checkout but managed to get £55 back from Quidco so the total cost is £459.99. I've been looking for a nice Android phone and this seems to be a winner.

Ordered through e2save, confirmed by telephone (they will take money when stocks arrive - Mon 23 May) delivery by Tuesday.

Apparently, there was a hardware fault and a new batch has been shipped. Or fixed, who knows...

Hi, I am new to UK, and I want to go for the e2shop 12month contract for galaxy S2. But I am not able to order as its asking for giving UK address where I have been staying for atleast last 3 years.
As I am new to UK how can I give the address? Though I was in US for last 4years, can I give that address for Credit history. Is there anyway I can get the contract?
Please reply if you can help.
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