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Posted 3 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G FE - £379 (£179 with trade in) @ Samsung - (£122 with Employee Portal/Blue Light Card)

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

down to 179 with trade in of any smartphone

White and pink back in stock

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    Great first deal, thanks for posting.

    A little info on Samsung trade-ins:

    Any phone model, age, manufacturer is acceptable.

    You can trade in any phone, the only requirements are (if you selected 'Broken phone' and then 'No'):
    - Must power on
    - Must not have any account locks (e.g., iCloud, Google FRP)
    - Must not have outstanding finance (i.e., you own it outright)

    When you receive your new phone order, you will also receive a prepaid mail parcel to send your trade-in device back to Samsung.
    thanks and thank you for clarifying the trade in conditions
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    No cancellation email here, so I'd imagine if they were cancelling we'd know by now?
    Ordered 2 days ago, went from shipped to processing. Asked samsung today and they claim its just waiting for stock allocation and will be delivered 10/10, both of them
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    Can I order 2 phones with trade in? Separate orders, separate phones to trade in, but same address, email etc?
    Yes you can.
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    I have an old android phone that doesn't turn on, I was hoping I could use it for trade-in but I can't get the IMEI number.....
    think one of the stipulations is it has to turn on and hold its charge
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    When do you send trade in phone, do you need to send a charger, cable or just a phone?
    pretty sure it is just the phone
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    random question but what battery charge do old model phones like these generally come with? Is it an issue at all that they've been sitting somewhere slowly draining for possibly the better part of 2 years?
    The phones are unlikely to be stock from the first run. I wouldn't be surprised if they were made sometime this year.
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    White still available
  8. Avatar
    It just arrived a day late48319802-BrZVa.jpg
    Money debited from account, let's see if 10 October will yield a result.
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    Could it be an old Nokia to trade in? or does it need to be smart phone?
    You'll get ten confusing answers from people interpreting the T&Cs differently, but if you select the 'any broken phone' option then it should be fine. You can see many testimonies here that people have sent in ancient Nokias and such and they've been accepted (for this specific trade-in deal on the S20 FE 5G):


    The list of conditions only applies if you select one of the working phone options. Normally the value given for a broken phone would be much less, but they're offering the full £200 on them for this deal.
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    Great deal. I can get £122 on EPP plus 6% cash Back. Will NOT buy as too many phones to keep in BOX at home.
    How you get cash back?
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    Can someone call the police? Its a steal!
    911 what's your emergency?
    Uh, there are some forum members "stealing" s20 FEs
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    Good deal
  13. Avatar
    Might be time to upgrade my s8, has screen burn now
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    just got one for 122.15 via the old EPP link.
    was this with trade in as well?
  15. Avatar
    great price! was this through EPP?
  16. Avatar
    I've no EPP or blc but still a great deal
  17. Avatar
    Heat up, great price after trade-in
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    Bought for £122 with perks at work after broken phone trade in. Bargain!
  19. Avatar
    I got this for £141 through Perks at work
    May get another with trade in for £122 and sell it to CEX for £200
    Why you giving CEX £100?
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  21. Avatar
    Bargain for £122, been waiting for it to come back in stock.
    same here we will see how long it lasts this time
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    Great deal, thanks for sharing
    no worries my first deal so was hoping i formatted it all corectly haha
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    Great, thank you
  24. Avatar
    Thanks for sharing. Manage to grab White one.
  25. Avatar
    Thanks op, just ordered a cloud white one for £122.15 after trade in. I wanted a black one but who cares at £122
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    what happens if the imei is different to the one I trade in? I was thinking of putting the imei of phone just to get the deal and then when I find the one I want to trade in (hidden in drawer) trade that in.
    That's what I've done, it is for recycling so I am sure u can send any old phone so long as it powers on, I used the imei generator
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    Managed to grab a white for £122, thanks OP.
    Whats the delivery date?
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    can you change the imei you use for the purchase?, I put in a old imei so I can complete order but will contact samsung customer support for help change the imei of the trade in
    From what I've read Samsung cs is excellent, so I doubt you'll have any issues.
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    Cheapest trade in yet, I think (including a BlueLightCard discount - £122.15 plus an old smart phone for me). Excellent post (edited)
    thank you
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    Great find, I missed it the last time so thanks OP
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    Cheers OP I went for the 2 in the end, one for myself and one for my daughters Christmas.
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    Red Color back in stock
    Thanks grabbed a red one on the EPP site annoying its £50 more but still very cheap with trade in
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    Cancelled all my orders - all 6 of them including 2 x £150 trade in.
    Did u order today ?
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    White, navy and red are in-stock at the time I wrote.
    I think that's because they keep cancelling the orders of people who ordered them earlier today
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    All our of stock 😔
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    Ordered via Very instead, Mint Green. £150 trade in and 20% credit back. (edited)
    What phone did you need to trade in, their prices are awful
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    Good find and first deal - thanks for sharing, @Haz_
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    Good option for those who don't have access to blc, students or epp portals.
    got it for 149 with blc and trade in
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    It now asks for the imei number and im at work thanks anyway OP.
    if you've not got your mobile with you you can log onto find my phone if android and find imei there
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    This can be any old phone broken or working? Also could I do it twice might get my daughter one for Christmas if so
    It says any phone and any condition. So if you can get imei number of it, it should be fine I reckon