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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB Cloud Navy Single sim Unlocked (Renewed - Refurbished - Excellent), Sold & Dispatched By Stock Must Go

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6 in stock.

Amazon renewed.

12 month warranty.

5g variant.


6 in stock!


Refurbished - excellent.

Sold by 'stock must go'

About this item
  • Wireless Charging
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Expandable Memory
  • Dual Sim

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  1. TheFutureIsUnwritten's avatar
    69% seller rating.. No thanks
    joelfl2's avatar
    Good spot. This deal shouldn't even be up with such terrible feedback.
  2. Moody_Cloud's avatar
    I've been rocking this for just over three years now and it still works and runs everything I need superbly well. But the main downside is that the battery is absolutely atrocious now and doesn't even last a full day anymore with minimal use.

    I don't trust third party battery replacements to last too long, so I'm just gonna tough it out for another year or so and upgrade to the S25 if it ends up being good.
    Wooj's avatar
    Do you enable battery saver? I've had mine about as long as you. This mode disables 120Hz and 5G and it lasts all day with moderate use with 20% around 10pm for me.
  3. J.D's avatar
    Get S21 FE for around same price used/refurb. Better phone and will get updated upto Android 16
  4. ALBO4EVER's avatar
    Excellent phone. Only downside is that no android 14
  5. zeoxzy's avatar
    As long as they've installed a decent battery, this is a great phone. I went through 3 different battery brands when replacing it in mine but never got one with half decent capacity (i.e. fake batteries) so eventually changed phone
    Wooj's avatar
    Battery life on the original battery is OK, it used to last 2 day on a single with battery saver enabled. Now if get about 1.5 days, I don't miss 120Hz refresh rate or 5G.
  6. MasterAK's avatar
    Still daily driving mine, great phone!
  7. Canary0500's avatar
    How and why does this have less bezel than my S23 FE?!
    jungleboy123's avatar
    samsung et al. one step forward two steps back. Removable battery - Gone. Removable Sd card - Gone. 3.5mm Headphone jack - Gone. Decent battery life after 1 year - Gone.
  8. A_S76's avatar
    Great phone still currently using mine! No need for upgrade as working like new when purchased years ago.
    blobsy123's avatar
    It's an amazing phone for £160!
  9. JungleBug's avatar
    I had this phone, the screen is bad for an oled. Stick to super amoled.
  10. SnoopZ's avatar
    Still using mine, it's a great phone runs everything perfectly and in my experience my battery still holds up just fine, I charge it once a day as it gets down to 40-50% but I do use it in the car with Bluetooth with Android Auto which sucks the battery, I've no reason yet to change it and if i did I'm not sure which phone next as the S21FE doesn't have a SD card slot.
  11. shotatdawn's avatar
    I've got this phone and it's OK but thinking of upgrading to s23 or 24 is it worth it?
    blobsy123's avatar
    Anything is worth an upgrade if you have deep pockets
  12. Nizar's avatar
    Cheaper on back market Website
  13. spaza5's avatar
    This is still a good phone. I've been using mine for 2.5 yrs, but as someone else said - security updates (not android updates, they ended a while ago) will end in September or October this year. I wouldn't want to be using a phone that is no longer receiving security updates.
  14. Galaxy4741's avatar
    8gb or 6gb.ram ?
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