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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G Smartphone £341.10 / £141.10 With Any Trade In @ Samsung EPP/Perks At work

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  • The Galaxy S20 FE 5G is as bold on the inside as it is on the outside. With a 6.5" FHD+ Infinity-O Display, you can truly lose yourself in your latest binge-watch.
  • 12MP Ultra-wide lens, incredible zoom features like the 30x Space Zoom and the 3x Optical Zoom, along with our clear as day Night Mode.
  • The Galaxy S20 FE 5G’s long-lasting, intelligent battery is built for those days that never seem to end. Plus, Super Fast Charging means you can power back up quickly.
  • Get peace of mind with our defence-grade security - Samsung Knox, built into our Galaxy devices as standard. Working in the background to keep everything you love secure
  • Smartphone preloaded with the Android V10 operating system

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G FULL In-Depth Review

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  1. Avatar
    Anyone know if this is the snapdragon or exynos?
    All 5g are Snapdragon
  2. Avatar
    Can you trade in a broken phone?
  3. Avatar
    Can the imei for the old phone to be traded in be given at a later stage? (edited)
    technically no. although if you have an IMEI to give them now (to activate the discount), and then ask customer support in the future to change it. I know someone who has successfully done that in the past.
    But i guess no guarentee they will accept the change
  4. Avatar
    Does anyone know if they accept even non smart phones for the trade in?
    I've traded in 'dumb' Nokia mobiles before and will be doing again for this round
  5. Avatar
    White,navy, lavender in stock for unidays
  6. Avatar
    Whats the updates to for the FE. will it get android 14?
    The S20 FE oddly launched with Android 10 out of the box, with a commitment to providing 3 major updates. I expect this means that Android 13 will be the end of the road.

    My current phone is on Android 11 so for £141 I'm happy with this.
  7. Avatar
    Brought some cheap Nokias before in preparation for this deal to come again. Thanks OP
    @wadz Which one in particular please? Needs to be as cheap as possible. (edited)
  8. Avatar
    Picked the wrong time to be in the office smh
  9. Avatar
    This is a silly good deal. The S20FE might be a couple of years old but it's still a high end phone in most regards.

    I bought one for my wife through the EPP portal last year at £220 and used a knackered old phone that barely switched on as trade.
  10. Avatar
    i though trade-in gives you only 150£ for this model and not 200£
  11. Avatar
    White ordered. Cheers OP!
  12. Avatar
    Navy ordered!
  13. Avatar
    Samsung keep cancelling my orders, does anyone have any advice on how to order this without it getting cancelled, if you've already ordered from Samsung in the past?

    I feel like they cancel my order because I've ordered this phone from them in the past
    I tried ordering the previous deals for these s20 phones with £200 trade in and they cancelled every time and refund money later

    I'm sure they will cancel this order I placed today aswell, any advice on how to avoid getting cancelled orders from Samsung or any retailer for that matter?
  14. Avatar
    Lavender still working , just ordered.
  15. Avatar
    shame no free headphones this time.
  16. Avatar
    Wtf is all this about
    48265015-l8zCe.jpgSpoke to them via video call they said go via incognito tab still didn't work, cleared cache, cookies
    Nothing seems to work
    Same don't know why
  17. Avatar
    I keep on seeing this, whats the EPP network? How do I get myself onboard?
  18. Avatar
    Red, Lavander and Cloud White in stock
  19. Avatar
    Can you give in any phone or does it have to be working.
    Broken phone on the trade in link so doesn't need to be working
  20. Avatar
    Thanks. Ordered in white for delivery early Oct
  21. Avatar
    Is it 3 or 5 years updates for this particular version.
    Seems to be different opinions when I searched.
  22. Avatar
    What phones would they accept as a broken phone? Ive put a random IMEI in and hoping to purchase a 'broken' phone to use for the trade in
  23. Avatar
    Anyone traded an old phone without a battery cover or it has to be complete phone?
  24. Avatar
    When I type my phone in it come up offer not valid
  25. Avatar
    Can't find it with Perks at work
    Worked it out. Logged out of Samsung account. then wen via the perks at work to shop at the Samsung store. once there searched for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and signed in with Samsung account
  26. Avatar
    Nice. trading in an really old iphone 6 thats bent and missing a sim card slot holder
  27. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks. Cracked screen phone accepted.
  28. Avatar
    Finally able to use the £100 voucher I got with my fold, thanks op
    i think those are only on samsung main site, cant be used on EPP
    also struggling what to spend on
  29. Avatar
    Stonking deal 🔥
  30. Avatar
    Snapdragon 865, high end from a couple years ago. Good price if you're doing the trade in with an old phone.
  31. Avatar
    Spoke to live chat and they state the 'broken phone' still has to turn on, can anyone provide further info?
  32. Avatar
    doesnt let me add to basket guess OOS
  33. Avatar
    Same here - weird tho - tried adding on existing Samsung account and keeps directing me to business page.
    Even tried a new Samsung account under different email and that takes me to reconditioned page when try to add to baske
    I kept ending up on reconditioned phones pages too, until I went via BLC site.
  34. Avatar
    Got the 4g last time. Will give that to my son.

    5G ordered. Thanks op.
  35. Avatar
    Thanks OP, managed to get one
  36. Avatar
    Could only see white in stock and was able to order.
    Red shows as available but gives an error when adding to basket.

    Cheers OP, heat! (edited)
  37. Avatar
    Logged on samsung website, email verification page comes up and says my email is not valid when I type the same one in ....arghhhh (edited)
    same her - have ordered before too - got my current S20 FE 4G through a trade-in deal
  38. Avatar
    why can't I get passed the verify samsung account page? I have one ofc -__-
    click log out in the corner, and try again. sites buggy
  39. Avatar
    Managed to order two white ones. (Really wanted one navy) - Bargain. Thanks OP.

    I didn't order DPD Recycling for £5 on either order. Is this a separate service to the trade-in?
  40. Avatar
    Out of stock now?
    It's mad on here today. MrSwitch's Oneplus deal went in minutes too!