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Samsung Galaxy S22 128GB 5G Mobile Phone + 20GB O2 Data (40GB W/Volt) + £150 Trade In £21p/m £99 Upfront £603 / £453 @ Mobile Phones Direct

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Another cracker of a deal, £453 after trade in for the S22 and 20 or 40GB data depending if you are with virgin broadband or not, links to all colours below

Claim disney+ here

Trade in process found here

Gold: mobilephonesdirect.co.uk/bas…jAw

Black: mobilephonesdirect.co.uk/bas…jAw

Phantom White: mobilephonesdirect.co.uk/bas…jAw

Purple: mobilephonesdirect.co.uk/bas…jAw

About this item
  • It’s our brightest innovation yet. The sensor pulls in more light, the Super Clear Glass dials downs lens flare, and fast-acting AI delivers near-instant intelligent processing.
  • The OIS correction angle has been improved by 58% and works with faster motion sampling to stabilise your shots. Meanwhile super HDR adjusts the colour frame-by-frame to keep every frame looking gorgeous.
  • Sunlight, meet Galaxy S22’s bright display. The Stunning Dynamic AMOLED 2x display is crafted specifically for high outdoor visibility, keeping the view clear in bright daylight.
  • Bring the crew together with Google Duo. There, you can watch movies together, streaming high-quality video just like IRL.
  • Our fastest, most powerful chip ever. That means, a faster CPU and GPU compared to Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s an epic leap for smartphone technology.
  • Fast Charge that outlasts the day. The battery intelligently adapts to how you use your phone, so it lasts beyond 24 hours.

O2 network coverage in your area
  • Our Network Coverage Checker will show you the 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G network coverage available in your selected area. The map will show you the locations of the best call and mobile data reception, as well as your nearest O2 Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • To check for any issues with the connection in your area, check your network status here (https//st…k/)

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  1. Avatar
    Is it the one with £21 a month and £99 upfront?
    Yeah, have edited title, cheers bud (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Damn. This is tempting.

    Cheapest phone ideas to buy for the trade in?

    iPhone SE again? (edited)
    It says it needs to be an Android phone.

    There are some ancient models available on CeX for peanuts.

  3. Avatar
    Another ace deal from MrSwitch! Enough data for a lot of people really and only £99 upfront. Factor in that trade in as well and it's a very good deal ♨️ Forgot to add in the Disney+ too! (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Currently says delivery time is 2-4 weeks. Does this mean I don't have to trade phone in till I receive new one? Long time to go without a mobile.
    From my previous experience yes. They send you trade in instructions with the new phone.
    Last time I used the same packaging to send the trade in
  5. Avatar
    If only this was on Vodafone instead
  6. Avatar
    I think with the trade in, this is the best value for money deal out there
  7. Avatar
    Mr Switch, I’ve looked at this earlier and it was supposed to be available until Friday but now the link is not working. Any change to give us another chance?
  8. Avatar
    Great find. My in law wanted an upgrade from their Samsung S10 and I said to hang around until November end. Now they can decide to jump in this deal. Heat added (edited)
    I just ordered an S10 I think they'rw great phones and still have the 3.5mm jack.
  9. Avatar
    Looks like any phone in any conditon.
    At 453 this is a smoking if I understood correctly @mrswitch
    Yep, exactly
  10. Avatar
    Another superb deal Mr Switch.
  11. Avatar
    Smoking hot!!! Thanks, Mr Switch!
  12. Avatar
    Most excellent deal, sir 🔥
    Thanks man
  13. Avatar
    Ordered thanks, great deal and if TCB tracks too even better, 12 month free Disney and £150 trade in, excellent deal for sure
    Good spot - 35 quid?
    Not on quidco (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Thank you, awesome deal. Hopefully I can trade in a zero value phone for the £150 and then sell my S20
  15. Avatar
  16. Avatar
    Another top deal @MrSwitch
    Voted hot.
    Thanks man.
  17. Avatar
    Is this deal over? Link just goes to the website now
  18. Avatar
  19. Avatar
  20. Avatar
    Good deal @MrSwitch. Would have been awesome if this was s22+.
  21. Avatar
    Sorry but how do you get extra 02 data if you're with Virgin?
    Via volt, and via the myo2 app is how i did it
    you need to have virgin broadband
  22. Avatar
    I took from them new S22 Ultra with contract and phone what received is not recognized by Trade In program.
  23. Avatar
    So I can trade in my s7edge that doesn't power up?
    Yes and Android phone working or not. You need the IMEI though. (edited)
  24. Avatar
    Can you please share a link for the green version?
  25. Avatar
    Is this still a “standard” contract (like it was?) which means that you can’t get the multisave 20% off it!

    I’m guessing that you can’t pay off the contract early as it’s not a refresh one?
  26. Avatar
    I have a contract with Virgin broadband and O2 for mobile phone, can I upgrade to this or will it impact my contract with Virgin?
  27. Avatar
    Why isnt his listed on their page (and only available via your links)?
    It's only available to hotukdeals
  28. Avatar
    Fantastic deal. Will the Samsung trade in through AO work ok even though this phone is bought through mobile phones direct?
  29. Avatar
    Just had mine declined, they can't tell me why
  30. Avatar
    Is it worth holding out for an S22 Ultra deal? Trying to upgrade from my S20 FE 5G
  31. Avatar
    This or a pixel 6?
  32. Avatar
    Hi MrSwitch, is it possible for you to post a link to 256gb version (green or white if possible) of this deal if possible please.
    there isn't one, cheapest is £31 a month or £240 more expensive. Best deal for the s22 256gb is from vodafone 65gb data, £149 upfront and £26 a month from carphone warehouse, can and should also trade in "any" phone for £150 back
  33. Avatar
    I'm currently on a p30 pro, nearing 3 years old. No issues with it other than a slightly depleted battery and temperamental charging port.

    Is it worth the hassle of an upgrade to this?
    I'm currently trying to decide this.

    Pixal 6, s22 or something else,
  34. Avatar
    Nice! I've just got this to upgrade from a OnePlus Nord N10 I've had for two years on a deal you posted! The battery is getting a little iffy, the charger needs replacing, I'm not getting much in the way of software updates, so it feels like it's time! Will miss the dual sim and headphone jack though!
    Got it today - Dual SIM!
  35. Avatar
    Nice phone, great even apart from awful battery life (4-5 hours screen on tops) I have one. (edited)
  36. Avatar
    fantastic, is there any going for the iphone 13 anyone...?
  37. Avatar
    For the trade in offer, does the phone need to turn on? Or is it any Android/iPhone any condition. (edited)
    Let me know if you find out, got a couple bricks lying around collecting dust.
  38. Avatar
    Does this one have the battery issues I've seen mentioned?
  39. Avatar
    Thanks for this.
    I have a really old iphone 6. Can this be used as a trade in? how reliable is the trade in?
    Is this an upgrade on a iphone x i currently have? Always had iphones and am very nervous about switching
    Unfortunately not, it needs to be an Android phone (working or not) rather than an iPhone from what I have read
  40. Avatar
    Great deal. Shame it's not dual sim
    According to Samsung the phones are dual SIM in the UK:

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