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Posted 28 November 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22 128GB (All colours) - Plus 1 Month 12GB data SIM - £533.50 (Clubcard Price) @ Tesco Mobile

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Select the 12gb data sim @ £11.50pm then change the upfront cost to full clubcard price @ £522.

Cancel the 30-day rolling airtime plan once the phone arrives and you've nabbed it for £533.50 all in

Also available in store. FYI - Involves a credit check.

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Samsung Galaxy S22

The Galaxy S22 is a stand-out smartphone, designed for those who want to capture and share every moment, day and night. Powered by a lightning-fast 4nm processor, you can fill your social feed with cinematic low-light videos, enjoy entertainment on its supremely bright Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, and watch live videos with friends, even when apart, using Google Duo.

5G enabled

Get ready for the next generation of mobile internet and experience incredible download speeds, or play games without the fear of lag. Please contact your mobile service provider regarding the 5G options currently available to you.

Epic shots, even at night

The Galaxy S22 houses a 10MP selfie camera, plus 12MP Ultra Wide, 50MP Wide, and 10MP Tele triple rear lenses, and is packed with tech for amazing content creation.

Sophisticated AI and a 4nm processor let you capture bright, blur-free and super-smooth videos, and you can create superb footage after dark with the 'Nightography' feature. For stills, the 50MP wide camera automatically adjusts exposure, OIS keeps the shots steady, combining with Adaptive Pixel tech for supremely bright, clear and detailed images.

Brighter, smoother viewing

Its dynamic AMOLED 2X display has a 24 – 120Hz refresh rate, and it adapts to your activity, so scrolling is smoother than ever.

3700 mAh battery

Thanks to housing a 3,700 mAh battery, the Galaxy S22 will see you through the day. Helpfully, when you do need a top-up, super-fast charging technology means you won't be hanging around for long. If you prefer to power up via a Qi wireless charger, don't worry – with Fast Wireless Charging, the Samsung Galaxy S22 has you covered.

Qi Wireless Powershare

Want to power up a (Qi wireless charging compatible) device such as your GalaxyBuds or a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (sold separately), while you're out and about? No problem – just place your Samsung Galaxy S22 face down and put the battery-drained item on the phone's back to start charging.

What is RAM?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is different to the permanent storage provided by hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD) or memory cards in your equipment. RAM is used by your device to temporarily store data to carry out everyday operations. The more RAM your machine has, the faster you can expect it to open and run programs.

Stay connected

Across the S22 range, you can collaborate, create, and chat together, even when you're apart, with Google Duo Live, share reactions to the latest Youtube videos, or share your screen to brainstorm ideas.

Galaxy tech

Take the Galaxy experience further with the One UI 4.1, a secure Digital Wallet, enhanced security and privacy, and smarter pairing with other Galaxy devices.

YouTube - Review

Help & Information

Tesco Mobile More details at Tesco Mobile
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  1. Avatar
    Cheaper to buy on a 24mth contract. Less than £100 extra and you get 2 years of 100GB data.
    I get where you are coming from but you can't say that it's cheaper then say less than £100 extra!
  2. Avatar
    I recommend waiting for S23 and confirmed it will have Snapdragon chips in EU models finally
    I wouldn't be worried about Snapdragon vs Exynos anymore. Even my S21 Ultra has Exynos and they tested and benchmarked, the performance is within 1% of each other. Completely un-noticeable. They actually said the Exynos processor performed BETTER for photos produced by the phone, which for me is important!
  3. Avatar
    I don't know what the real world experience is but that 3700 mAh battery sounds pathetic. Why not 5000 like many other models now, including Samsungs
    I agree I used to have a galaxy S9 with 3000mah the battery life was absolutely horrendous I since upgraded to a Xiaomi 11t pro with 5000mah with 120w fastcharge I see 8hours on screentime on average compared to the S9 which struggled to break 4hours of screentime
  4. Avatar
    Has anyone got this then cancelled the contract straight away? I have an existing Vodafone contract sim, I just want the S22 and I’m not bothered about a credit check. Just don’t want to end up having to pay £11.50 every month.
    They probably ask for phone back assuming you dont want within 14 days lol.
  5. Avatar
    do you need credit check for this?
  6. Avatar
    Is this better than a pixel 6 pro ?
  7. Avatar
    Still about £100 too expensive given the deals on the Pixel 7, which has a markedly better camera and more or less equal everywhere else (S22 has better design though). You can get Pixel 7 for equivalent of £400 if you take off contract and voucher value.
    Hey, I'm actually on the lookout for a Google pixel 7 pro - can you point me to any deals?
  8. Avatar
    This compared to s22 ultra
    Without me watchin a youtube 😫
  9. Avatar
    Be careful with Tesco mobile they cancelled my order and did not even let me know...
  10. Avatar
    I did this with the december samsung s22 plus offer and cancelled the airtime agreement - they're now chasing me for a further £400! I've lodged a dispute but they're insisting I have to pay - 'you can't just cancel the airtime contract, we've got an expert legal team and the paperwork is water tight".

    Feeling really annoyed about it actually. It clearly states on my order it's a one month contract, I've paid for that month and gave notice I didn't want further - they moved it over to payg. That's just met with "but it's a £1000 phone, you can't expect to get it for £600. There's something in the small print to say if you cancel the rolling contract you need to return the phone - you will need to return the phone, we assess it for damage and then you'll get a partial refund as you've had it so long.... You might not have been properly advised when you cancelled so we'll listen back to the call and get back to you".

    We don't have the bank account anymore so they won't be able to just take the money at least. (edited)
    I used to work at Tesco Mobile and had training to understand the legal terms (since I had to read and explain them)

    You are agreeing to two contracts when purchasing. The one month ONLY refers to the airtime, you have to pay the full price of the phone over the length of the phone contract or in a lump sum if you cancel airtime

    They will chase you up legally, even if you remove your bank (edited)
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